Let's face it. We all take our hands for granted, and many of us may forget to look after them, and include them in our grooming routine! Well, that's where the KIEHL'S 'Ultimate Strength Hand Salve' comes in. I had been lucky enough to have been sent this hand cream to try out, and as a lover of KIEHL'S, it comes as no surprise that this has become a new favourite! 


The product states that it is 'All-day care for severely dry, active hands' and it contains a blend of botanical oils such as Avacado, Eucalyptus and Sesame Seed, as well as Natural Wax derived from Olive Oil. Only a small amount of this is needed in the palm of your hands, and then massaged thoroughly into the skin. I'll admit, on my first attempt with this, I perhaps used a little too much and found the product rather gloopy and sticky so I strongly advise you only use a little pea-sized amount! 

My hands felt smoother afterwards and not as rough as they often do! You can purchase the KIEHL'S 'Ultimate Strength Hand Salve' here. Have you tried this hand salve before? Do you have any other favourites by KIEHL'S? Let us know your thoughts, as we'd love to hear from you!



5 ways to get over heartbreak

5 ways to get over heartbreak


I'd say the first time I ever experienced a mini-heartbreak was when I was 12 years old. I liked this guy (we'd been talking on MSN for a couple months, as you do), and the rumour around the year was that he was supposed to ask me out on a Friday, but on the Thursday, I found out he had already asked out another girl! The first time I actually cried over a guy was when I was 17, it was the first time I had actually been on seeing-each-other terms with a guy, but quickly found out that the guy I was supposedly seeing <em>wasn't</em> seeing me, actually it turns out he was seeing every girl in South East London. Heartbreak is good and bad, and we will all experience it at some point; it's bad because, let's face it, it hurts. But it's good because you get to learn a lot about yourself, how people work, and position yourself such that you're better able to deal with heartbreak in the future...


Give yourself some time to feel the pain

You don't have to be super woman all the time, and if you're going through a heartbreak, you totally have permission to just feel the pain... for a while. I'm saying - let yourself cry in bed, pig out, reminisce - whatever it takes - just get the pain out. But try and keep this short, because you need to get back up really soon to continue to slay.

 Stay in the company of other people

I've found in the past that if I've ever been upset over someone, staying in the company of others has helped to really get my mind off of it. Not only are your friends and family able to give you advice regarding the situation, but just <em>keeping busy</em> can take your mind off of the pain, because it's often when you're alone that you start to reminisce, and if you're not careful you end up in a spiral of constantly feeling sorry for yourself.

 Enjoy the single life

Sometimes, if you've been speaking to someone in a while, I find it quite refreshing to just take some time to enjoy being single. This doesn't have to mean 'getting around' (unless that's what floats your boat), but it can just mean not yearning to be seeing someone or in a relationship at all times, which a lot of us do. It can definitely be a shift to your lifestyle when you go from talking to someone every day to never talking to them again... but it happens, everyone will have go through it at a point, and you deal with it. It's important to know how to enjoy your own time and your own company and not feel, especially as this young age, like you <em>need</em> someone else to make you happy.

 Remember why it ended

A lot of people have the issue of going back to someone once everything has already been signed off, and sometimes this is okay, especially if issues have been resolved. But a lot of the time, it does no good except from holding you back from moving on. Remembering why things ended will help you get over the situation and it'll most likely be a constant reminder of why you need to move on from everything. And if it ended badly? This brings back up the anger and makes sure you never go back.


5. Learn from it

Every time you're involved with someone and things don't work out, you learn a bit more for the next time. With the guy I was talking to when I was 17, it got me a bit out of my naive mindset and made me realise that some boys really do have tons of girls on the go, and it's not just something you read about on social media. When I got hurt in my first year of uni, it made me learn that I can't ever let myself be treated without any respect, and that I should never settle or feel bad for thinking that someone isn't quite up to the level I'm expecting in another half. It helps you filter out the crappy people in the future, and hopefully helps lead you more easily to someone you're suited to and to someone that makes you happy, which is exactly what happened in my case.


Let's get a conversation going. What are you top tips for getting over heartbreak? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Lifestyle goals for 2017

Lifestyle Goals for 2017

It's 2017!!! The Lifestyle Editor (aka me) welcomes you into the New Year with a load of kisses and glass clinks. I know you have probably thought about your own wishes and goals for the next 12 months so I think it's only fair that I share my own with you.

You know it's been ten years since the likes of Hot Fuzz and Enchanted hit our screens? A decade can fly by so fast that you blink and we are adding another digit to the clocks and buying new diaries. So I am of the opinion that we should not waste one iota of it, and here is what I hope to achieve by this time next year:

1. Adjust to married life in a new home
I plan on having a fabulous time adjusting to married life with Paul in our new home. We have moved out of London (although I will still be in the city twice a week) and are going to be spending January going over all the details to create a new space together. We are moving our possessions in and ordering washing machines online, laborious but exciting all the same!

2. 10K followers collectively
I wish for 2017 to bring a goal that's not too advantageous when it comes to my social media and I think that a collective 10K following is attainable. I think that I am somewhere along the lines of 5.5K as of the start of the year, so only another 5K to go!

3. YouTube once a week
I think this one is going to be the hardest of my goals for 2017. I have been waiting and putting off my YouTube channel until we moved so that I could have a proper setup for my channel. I have been testing the waters on YouTube over the past year and it's something I love doing and making. So this is something that won't be effective immediately, but I have every faith that come next month I shall be rocking and the camera will be rolling!


4. Freelance writing gig
I've been loving writing for my blog consistently over the past few years now, and it's about time I stepped up my game. Although I am a lifestyle blogger, I feel that I want to explore more topics that I don't necessarily want to put out there onto my blog. I would love to work on getting a few freelance writing jobs and write something for a magazine or for another website. I think that this year I need to push my skills and go beyond what comes easy to me if that makes sense.

5. Baby
So this is the big one. This is something which I know can't be written or evidently planned per se. If it happens, it happens- I just hope that this is the year it finally does! Cross all your fingers for me for each of my five goals for 2017, especially that last one!


The weather may be getting chillier but you can keep your lips looking fabulously hot and on trend with my favourite lipsticks for AW16, courtesy of MAC. This season think deep burgundies, berry purples, burnt reds and chocolate browns – you’ll be wanting them all! 

Diva is your classic deep burgundy shade in a beautiful matte texture, perfect to warm up those winter evenings! Perfect for that sultry look and can be worn either on its own or with glamorous eyes.  Pair it with the ‘burgundy’ lip liner to get a perfect finish.

If you're looking for a berry-luscious purple, ‘Rebel’ is your colour. It has a smooth, satin texture and is just the right lipstick for people who love a pop of colour! Darken it up with ‘currant’ lip liner to be right on trend.

Love your red lipstick and can't seem to go for another colour? Don't worry you can  still be on trend by switching up your standard red to this gorgeous burnt red shade in ‘Chilli’. Applied with the ‘Auburn’ lip liner this matte lipstick stays put for hours, adding just the right amount of brightness to those grey, cold days! 

It says it all in the name: ‘Smoked purple’ is for all those who want the darkest of dark, vampy lips, all with a matte texture. Wear with minimal makeup on the face, define the lip with ‘cyber world’ lip liner and let your lips make the statement this season.

This Autumn/Winter the makeup and beauty trend is all about going back to the 90’s with a statement brown lip. Look no further than ‘Antique Velvet’, a deliciously deep, chocolate brown with a velvet matte texture, which looks amazing on every skin tone. Match it with the ‘Chestnut’ lip liner to get that perfect pout. 


October always starts good for me because it’s my birthday in the first week! This year I turned 26 and I had such a great time. I met my mum at one of our favourite gluten free bakeries in London- Beyond Bread. These guys do the greatest gluten free pastires and we had a lovely afternoon. In the evening I had a small gathering at Westfield where we all demolished TGI’s famous burgers. mine of course was gluten free and fabulous! My white cut-out dress is from Boohoo.

FBL Oct 1-5.jpg

I hope I’m not too early to the party here but a lot of my October will be filled with Christmas content as the seasonal events start coming up. Like The Perfume Shop Christmas Preview for example. TPS always host the best previews and it was great to see the festive display to give me lots of ideas for this year! I discovered a few new favourites too including Gucci Bamboo which is top of my wishlist!

FBL Oct 1-6.jpg

My main highlight of October so far has definitely been a trip to the theatre- well two trips actually! Paul and I went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child parts One and Two very recently and it really was fantastic! Of course I’m not going to give away any spoliers as I want to keep the secret as much as any other Harry Potter fan out there, but if you haven’t seen it and can get hold of tickets then do it! It’s a visual spectac;e unlike any other and will have you question your very own eyes at certain parts. It made me fall back in love with the wizarding world and all I want to do now is re-read all the books! Sadly I dont expect I’ll have the time before the wedding, but maybe over Christmas!

Saharasplash, Lifestyle Editor


It was not how I planned it, far from it! It was the hardest yet easiest decision I had ever made in my life, being a parent and a single one at that and if I am honest that is fine with me, I am not the first nor will I be the last single parent in this world.


Being a single parent can be tough, there are good days and there are bad days, and to be honest you don’t have time to worry about the pointless stuff! Your little one/ones need you, but what they don’t know is, is that you need them more!


At the end of the day the good out ways the bad tenfold and don’t get me wrong there are a lot more good days, that outweigh the bad by tenfold, now more so that Leanora has come out of that, dare I say it ‘terrible twos’ phase, but that is part and parcel of growing up and our little sprogs having to deal with emotional changes but that is another story.



I shall start with the hard part about being a single parent, when your little sprogs become mobile, they start drawing on walls, putting your mobile in the freezer, shouting at you in the open public, taking their sweet merry time knowing you are running late for work, peeing on the floor then blaming you for it. The breakfast, lunch or dinner you have just made and they turn around and spit it out saying ‘urgh yukie, disgusting mummy, urgh yukie’ (Leanora’s favourite phrase at the moment) can be a bit frustrating, especially as you think it is the best thing you have eaten in the world and you have just slaved forever thinking, buying and then making it all the while juggling the washing, bath time, sleepless nights and everything in between.


Not being able to share the load with another is the hardest part, especially when you are not a millionaire and do not have another income coming in and truth be told, just to have a breather or be able to go to the bathroom on your own is tough, but that is the way the cookie crumbles for single parents. At times you can just be left with your heart in your mouth, thinking am I doing the right thing am I providing enough for my child, nursery fees have they been paid, is my child getting the same amount of love care and attention, than those with 2 parents and the answer is HELL YES!


Now this is the good part about being a single parent, to see your child's achievements and see them develop from 0 to 100, to see their first steps, say their first words, start counting in the correct numerical order, and for them to shower you with all the cuddles and kisses in the world. The added bonus you get, is that you learn more about yourself and your strengths as a person be it if you are a single mum or dad you somewhat turn into a warrior and nothing can defeat you, that strength they instill in you is phenomenal and no one can take that away from you, unless they are playing Pokémon Go and catch you!



I’m Lindsey a London Mumma to Leanora my 2 year old firecracker who keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh in abundance, all at the same time wanting to rip my hair out as she drives me insane especially after she drawn all over my walls and then tells me ‘oh dear mummy ,what have you done’ lol!


 I currently work as a Freelance Stylist and Studio Assistant when Leanora is at nursery. I recently got back into styling after a hectic year and me having to quit my previous job as a Property Manager. 

 This is how I came about starting my blog After maternity leave I went back to work part-time I was then given a promotion which required me to having to work full time, so as you do I arranged with the nursery to have Leanora in full time and as you can imagine nursery fees are not bloody cheap, far from it! It costs, just to send her to nursery full time more than my rent, how insane is that! Roll on 3 years old lol! So I notified the normal channels, being a single parent I am entitled to tax credits etc. Super pumped up that I am going back to work full-time I’ve always loved working, I’ve worked since the age of 13 with my dad at his garage. I was then notified by tax credits that I would earn too much for the tax year to be entitled to any help with nursery fees etc until the new tax year April 2016 and this was the 4th January of this year! So I was in a tricky spot A) Do I take Leanora out of the nursery, where would I find another at such short notice B) Do I quit work and return in April. Well, I went with option C) both A & B. 

 So unemployed, daughter not in a nursery, at least the rent is paid and we have a roof over our head, but what the hell am I going to do with our free time until April! This is how my blog came about! I needed something to do, to focus on, yes I have my daughter but I needed something for me, otherwise, my brain would turn into mush and I would go insane and probably cry all day (safely say this has not YET happened – wink emoji). I am not one of those people who can just sit around twiddling their thumbs all day (each to their own) I’ve never not worked and it's frightening, not knowing where your next pay cheque is coming from, but this way doing a blog I can do something for me and for Leanora and keep my mind ticking over. Share my hates, have a rant and about being a parent and not knowing what the hell I am doing, but surprisingly I’ve learnt a lot, well I hope I have not unless Leanora is leading me on to thinking I am doing a good job, but more than anything my love for my daughter my passions for what I love to eat or gorge on is probably the best word and thirst for fashion and food and growth and parenting advice. 

 I am so stoked to be a part of the FBL Bloggers team as your Parenting Editor when they announced the Editors on Twitter I was in the bathroom painting and nearly fell off the ladder due to my excitement. Being able to work with such a great brand alongside some awesome Editors as well you the readers has literally made my year, never in a million years did I think I was ever going to get this spot and I am truly
grateful and feel very blessed and I hope I do you all proud. 

 To end I am supposed to share a fun fact about myself, but I shall do you one better and share an embarrassing fact about me! One night I was out with friends at a party, I had the best chat with the most amazing person in the world for like 20-30 mins, I was dying to introduce my friends to this person, so as I turned to find my friends I said to my new friend before I left ‘I’ll be back in 2 secs’ only to bloody realise I was, in fact, talking to myself in a bloody mirror the horror, the shame oh the shame of it, I quickly ran off dying a little inside!

 I hope you enjoy my blog and if you’d like to get in touch or leave me a comment please do drop me a line at or tweet me @londonmumma, follow me on Instagram @lindseylondonmumma and my Bloglovin page here