#FBLCHAT: Let’s go to the movies

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Hollywood has never been more in the spotlight than it is now.  With the Oscars and the Academy Awards becoming a stage for women in Hollywood taking a stand for women everywhere and empowering them to speak their truth, films are becoming real political platforms and stages. This week’s FBLChat was all about the movies and what they mean to each of us.

Q1: What was the last movie you saw and what did you think of it?

·       Dirty Dancing when it was on tv last night. It's one of my classic favourite movies to watch whenever its on #fblchat

·       The last movie I seen was I, Tonya and I really enjoyed it. I was looking forward to it coming out so thankfully I wasn't disappointed #fblchat

·       The Greatest Showman. 😍 It was incredible! The story, the visuals, the soundtrack - everything! Loved it! 💜 #fblchat

·       If we´re talking cinema it was Wonder and it was so beautiful. On Netflix I watched The Wedding Date for the 100th time a few nights ago 😍 #fblchat

·       The last movie I saw was Black Panther, and it was AMAZING. It definitely lived up to the hype. #fblchat

·       The last movie I watched was The Holiday, I love that film! #fblchat

·       I watched The Personal Shopper last week and it was a very bizarre experience and I didn't enjoy it very much 😅 #FBLchat 

Q2: Which actor/actress is your favourite in Hollywood at the moment and why? 

·       Zac Efron. Because it's Zac Efron. #fblchat

·       That's a hard one. I love so many actors & actresses & honestly cannot name a favourite right now 🙈 #fblchat

·       J-Law, all the way 🤗 because she's the greatest 

·       Hi Peeps! A little late to the party! :P I dont know if I currently have a favorite but Ryan Gosling is always at the top. Cause its Ryan Gosling :P #fblchat

·       Leonardo Dicaprio is my absolute fave! He's just amazing in everything! 😍 Actress wise it's got to be Emma Stone. She can act, sing & dance - what's not to like! #fblchat

·       Right now I’m really digging Saoirse Ronan. I’ve always thought she has such a great personality, and I watched Lady Bird recently and it changed my life. #fblchat

Q3: What did you think of this year's Oscars? Did the right people get their awards? 

·       Honestly, they kind of went over my head. I googled the winners & was kind of angry at myself for not seeing Coco & that was basically it 😅 #fblchat

·       I’m just happy Dunkirk received multiple awards 😌 #fblchat

·       I feel terrible for saying this, but I actually didnt watch it! 😱🙈

·       I didn't watch it, I never do. I googled the winners and that was about it, really #fblchat

·       Would have liked The Greatest Showman to win Best Original Song but it was a tough category. The Shape of Water & Coco fully deserved their awards both movies were brilliant! 👏🏽 #fblchat

·       I watched the fashion but didn't pay attention to much else.

·       I feel like award ceremonies have become more political and the politics kind of over shadows the actual event. It's good to use a high profiled event to stand up, or show support, but still.. #fblchat

·       Personally, I don't really. But I know people who still have watch parties, etc. So I guess the general public still cares #fblchat

Q4: How do you feel about the #Metoo movement in Hollywood? 

·       It's inspiring to see so many women coming forward, but it's sad that it has occurred in the first place #fblchat

·       I feel the same! It´s a good movement but it´s terrible to see how women were treated badly! #fblchat

·       It's good to see high profile events raise awareness & speak up about important issues however it also feels kind of fake in a way because some celebs are just hypocrites. #fblchat

·       It's disgusting, but it really does show that it happens everywhere. I think it's going to take a lot for it to stop, too #fblchat

·       From the bottom of my heart I support the #Metoo movement. I have friends who have personally suffered from such horrible things. On the other hand however, I ask people not to make it a ‘trend’ or a ‘fad,’ and therefore cause it to lose its true significance. #fblchat

·       yes, I'm also afraid it´s only going to be a trend. Even the discussion around certain people not wearing black dresses at events, etc. could be harmful to the movement itself! #fblchat

·       It is SO important. It gets victims talking and lets you know you’re not alone. It highlights abuse that’s been scarring you that you didn’t even REALISE was abuse #fblchat

·       I'm happy that the #MeToo movement as given so many the courage to speak out, but it seems to have developed the negative quality of shutting people out/up who have nuanced perspectives. At least, that's what I've experienced. #fblchat

Q5: What do you hope for the future of Hollywood? 

·       I really want to see equality in both genders, sexuality, etc. There's too much discrimination in this world and we can't move forward if Hollywood doesn't #fblchat

·       For people from ethic backgrounds to be recognised & celebrated for their talents. Both on & off screen. Actors, directors, scriptwriters etc. #fblchat

·       Not even just for Hollywood, just for society in general, but that we all learn to respect each other as people. Each of us are special and unique individuals on this earth, and we deserve to exist in a world where we can thrive, and most importantly be ourselves. #fblchat

·       A5. I hope it'll all become more about equality & that we´ll return to more original films instead of sequels & prequels! ✨ #fblchat

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#FBLCHAT : Competition in the Blogosphere

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 Blogging has become a complicated business. As new bloggers join the blogosphere, there is increased competition with more individuals comparing themselves to the people who have gone before them. This week’s FBLChat looks at competition in the blogosphere and whether it really exists.

Q1: Do you think there is a lot of competition between bloggers? #fblchat        

·       I think there can be, but I don't really see it, I just wanna support people, do my thing and enjoy it as much as possible!

·       I wouldn't say so, there's plenty of opportunity for everyone to carve out their own angle and tell their own story. #fblchat

·       I think there definitely is but I think sometimes it can be down to the 'pressure' that blogging can come with! Either way I try to just focus on what I'm doing though! #fblchat

·       I think there is! No everyone is involved etc but there definitely is competition present. #fblchat

·       Not in the slightest. I mean, I figure many people have a number of slots and some don't make it but for the most part there's a lot of wiggle room in budgets, in feedlies, in brains. #fblchat

·       being an older male person and foodie so I don’t feel that there’s lots of competition #fblchat

·       Definitely, I don't see it from my own view, but I know it happens!🎇 #fblchat

·       that's my approach to basically everything in life. It it doesn't take away from my own success why shouldn't I support everyone as much as I can?! #fblchat

·       I'd talk about actual competition between actual bloggers but that's just so profoundly ridiculous (not impostor syndrome or jealousy; those are legit feelings, don't let anyone tell you otherwise -- just this misconception that we're tearing other people down) I can't. #fblchat

·       Exactly, we are all trying to enjoy and achieve something by blogging, I love seeing others do something amazing, it proves hard work pays off!🎇 #fblchat

·       It can be if you are comparing yourself to others but we must all find our own path. That is the main reason I started the group @NewbiesWhoBlog to support and help the growth of NEW bloggers:-) #fblchat

·       I personally don't see a lot on my feed or anything but every industry out there involves competition/competitors #fblchat

·       that's so true! Also luckily there are no limited spaces on the internet. Everyone can be here & be successful at the same time! #fblchat

·       That's so true! I think a lot of the competition comes from our own mindsets & from outer sources (brands, awards, etc.) making us think that one can be the best/most successful blogger! #fblchat

·       Let's All Share and Support Each Other! (I'm going to be very much a cheerleader right now.) We all have our writing or blogging style so we should encourage those we adore and are inspired by. #fblchat

Q2: Is competition healthy between bloggers if they are producing similar content? #fblchat

·       I wouldn't call it 'healthy' but if you are a blogger that gets involved in competition whether it's intentional or accidentally then it is to be expected and don't worry too much, move on past it #fblchat

·        Not at all. Similar content doesn't mean they have to necessarily compete. They can still be super different in their style of writing! #fblchat

·       How can you compete if you all are 2 different people with 2 different personalities? We can compete for followers but yeah that's about it. Similar content but different writing styles. I feel no competition except with my other social media help blog. #fblchat

·       Competition is to give the audience choice. There is an evident monopoly ATM so would be good to give smaller blogs a chance #fblchat

·       no blogger will be the same so there should be no need for competition. In fact if there is someone similar to yourself then you should actually help each other #fblchat

Follow up to Q2: Do you ever find yourself comparing your content to other bloggers? #fblchat          

·       Yes but then I remember that that's not healthy and we should continue to celebrate our differences! #fblchat

·       To their content?... No but to their design style... DEFINITELY! I got inspired to change my layout thanks to a successful blogger I am friends with. She helped me change the way my pages were laid out and labeled because it wasn't ATTRACTING only DISTRACTING. #fblchat

·       I don't compare my writing content to others but I do compare my photography as its something I struggle with. It's not a huge interest of mine which may be the reason behind it! #fblchat

Q3: What can bloggers do to make sure their blogs stand out? #fblchat

 ·       Be yourself with everything in your blog! That's what differentiates us all after all! #fblchat

·       Ummm keep blogging, don't give up, join and interact in social media groups. Introduce your latest blog post, link it then post and interact more with groups. Never LINK & LEAVE! 57% of my traffic from Facebook groups howiknowsocialmedia.blogspot.com/2018/02/the-re… #fblchat

·        Just stay consistent and don’t give up! It’s hard! But anything you do in life takes great will power! #fblchat

·       I believe branding and presentation is extremely important, we live in a very visual world & the way you showcase and display your work is vital. #fblchat

·       Be yourself & keep blogging. Your blog will stand out because you're an incredible person!🎇 #fblchat

·       Make all of your content genuine and from the heart wherever possible. Honest posts always capture my attention no matter the topic. #fblchat

·       Also produce content people NEED. Beneficial content can get you a long way...#fblchat

·       As soon you’re comfortable with your content (on all platforms) it shines through. I find it hard to relate to bloggers who aren’t being genuine or who are copying others because they see what they do working. #fblchat

·       Write content that isn’t hauls or product reviews. Express an opinion other people haven’t. #fblchat

Q4: Do you think there will ever be a time where there are too many bloggers? #fblchat

·       Nope. The internet is endless so there´ll always be a space for us all! 💗 #fblchat

·       Maybe? I mean I think there is room for people who have a voice and want to just share their thoughts and feelings! Blogging doesn't have to be about products, I blog to express my feelings & enjoy writing reviews too!🎇 #fblchat

·       Potentially - there’s already only so many reviews of the same product that the internet can handle 🤷🏻‍♀️ but this is just motivation to hustle harder to stay “relevant” #fblchat

·       The reality is there is space for everyone, but the impact will be different. There will always be levels to this shit, just like everything else in life.#fblchat

·       I feel some niches are oversaturated and the content can get a bit samey- but I don’t think there’s such a thing as “too many” bloggers- more people writing means more people reading.

·       As long as technology keeps increasing there will be less bloggers who write and those who will be Instabloggers. We are visual people whose attention span is now 8-10 seconds so if anything we will have to find ways to keep the classic form of blogging alive. #fblchat

·       No? I mean, we're missing a crapton of voices here. A lot of bloggers are boring to read but that doesn't mean they don't have a right to their space. #fblchat

Q5: What do you think is the future for blogs? #fblchat

·       Hopefully bigger and better things! I'm seeing so many bloggers literally achieving so much, I cannot wait to see more people succeed! It shows the power of blogging & our community!🎇 #fblchat

·        honestly don't know. It will depend on so many things and we´ll just kinda have to go with the flow.  But I do hope that blogs will still exist for a long time as I love blogging! #fblchat

·       I have no idea. I think that's part of the attraction. Many jobs have a clear job description and a path of potential promotions you can strive for whereas with blogging the opportunities are endless and what's involved changes along with technology advancements! #fblchat

·       t's like Space. Unknown, the last and final frontier. Let's just try to keep writing people so we don't become lost in photos! Literary work is so hard to come about these days. #fblchat

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#FBLCHAT: Secrets to good skincare


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With the weather being in constant flux, it is no wonder that our skin and hair are both showing signs of serious suffering. It feels like winter has gone on for eons and we have to talk about the skincare and what we need to be doing to take care of ourselves to be summer ready, if it ever arrives. This week’s FBLChat looks at the secrets to good skincare.

Q1: How important is good skincare to you? 

·       Very important! My skin goes terribly dry and red if I don't keep up a regular routine

·       So important! I changed my routine and haven't really looked back

·       I´d like to say it´s super important but that would be lying. I'm working on it though! 

·       Using more 'natural' products. So started with lush, but sort of make my own face serum with coconut oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil. Seems to be making a huge improvement to my skin 

·       Anything to reduce the signs of ageing!!! (not that it is a bad thing)

·       I can't seem to find one that completely fits my skin. And trying so many different products is also hard on my skin! 

·       Super important! I spend more money on skincare products than I do on make up!

·       Good skincare is very important to me - especially because I have dry & sensitive skin. It just makes me feel more confident if I’ve got a solid skincare routine!

Q2: What is the best skincare tip anyone has given you? 

·       I was told about skin mapping which can give you hints as to why you’re breaking out based on break out locations. Helps you to be specific in treatment and solution. 

·       Remove makeup before going to bed. Your face will feel so much better for it in the morning! Your pillow will be cleaner too! 

·       I can't even go to bed with makeup on. I've never done that - it feels so gross to me 

·       If you've got multiple layers of skincare products, layer it from lightest to heaviest! So serums first followed by the heavier creams and gels 

·     Drinking lots of water! It honestly helps a lot with my skin & clears it up so much! Also my lips don't feel as dry with lots of water!

·       This is what I am trying to work on. Some days are better than others with the amount I drink .

·       That my break outs were a result of what I was putting into my body or stress. So I changed my eating habits (less dairy) and tried to stress less.

·       "Prevention is better than cure" - anti ageing tip! 

·       A2 drink a lot water and eat fruit vegetables 

·       Use sunscreen! I can't stress it enough. I try to limit direct sun exposure as well esp since I live down under! 

·       It doesn't matter how tired I am, I always take my makeup off. I don't if it is a little nap in the afternoon though! 

·       best skincare tip I’ve received is to wash your face every day, especially your makeup! Never sleep with a face full of products! 

·       ALWAYS cleanse then tone then moisturise and then moisturise AGAIN. Also NEVER apply downwards - it induces wrinkles. Start at the chin and sweep upwards. It’s like an instant face lift.

Q3: What has been your favourite skincare product discovery that you have made recently?  

·       I’ve started using an oil cleanser instead of a soapy gel one for my skin and my face has never felt better! Melts my makeup straight off without stripping my skin 😍

·       recently I discovered the bubblegum lip scrub from @LushLtd and I absolutely love it - I know it’s not quite skin care category though! Other than that, I love the @PalmersUK website face moisturiser. I only came across it recently!#fblchat

·       I’ve recently discovered an organic line out of @VillaFloriani they have amazing products!

·       The Aloe Vera 92% gel from Nature Republic has been a life-saver for my family this Summer. My hubby and mum-in-law had sunburn and 2nd-degree burns recently and that gel healed their burns in a couple of days. I also use it as a mask and is amazing as skin care as well! 

·       my favourite at the moment is Bulldog moisturiser #FBLCHAT listen to me commenting on face products whatever next 

·       Hand cream from @TheBodyShopUK Frosted berries flavour. It smells so good and really moisturises my hands

·       Burts Bees have some great products!

·       @RENskincare flash defence anti pollution mist 😍 I love it!! 

·       Deciem proucts, I love them! And oil rather than cream #deciem @deciemchatroom 

·       Probably the Daily Solution from The Body Shop Tea Tree Range. I freaking love that range!

·       I love #PalmOil & #coconutoil@fashbeautylife .its cheap and works for my dry #skin 

·       I use an oil cleanser, and I have to agree. Only problem is trying to clean the face cloth after! 

·       Well I guess there are added ingredients that are not natural in them. I use a few of the fresh items, which I assume have fewer preservatives in them

·       I use ultrabland by lush or just plain coconut oil 

·       I use the sanctuary spa ultimate cleansing oil from Boots ☺️ it’s got a blend of loads of different oils (won’t lie it smells weird but it’s BOMB)

·       Witch hazel has seriously changed my skin! It's been an amazing product, is cheap, and is soothing.

Q4: Which bloggers do you rely on for skincare advice?

·       @toriveggietaco @beautydosehq@fashbeautylife I use ultrabland by lush or just plain coconut oil 

·       I typically look to those who follow natural *organic* skin care routines and those who follow the 10 step Korean beauty skincare system. 

·       I usually just google and see what results I get. 

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#FBLCHAT: Instagram Food Trends

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 This week’s FBLChat looked at the instagram and in particular the daily food trends that seem to be changing every single day. One moment we are meant to be loving avocado on toast and living our best life. The next, veganism becomes the next big trend - it is like we just can’t catch a break! If you missed our chat, read on all about the Instagram food trends that are getting us riled up.

Q1) What instagram food fads are you sick of hearing about? 

·       I actually dont mind them. They are kind of fun to see 

·       Chips and pizza! All I see everywhere is chips and pizza!!

·       Actually none of them. I love seeing yummy food - it inspires me to cook more delicious food & try out more .

·       I don't mind them they just always make me hungry 

·       yeah that's my problem too. Looking at Insta always makes me insanely hungry 😋 but at least I then now what I'm hungry for

Q2) Do you think there is a real problem with food shaming on instagram?              

·       I have honestly seen no food shaming at all. Are people shamed for the food they eat or for the way they share it? 

·       Not in my experience. Though, those that I follow are mostly pushing supplement products.

·       I personally don't think so. However, I don't look at food much as I'm vegan and all I usually see is meat or fish.

·       I notice there is quite a number of bloggers who are vegan. I don’t think I shall ever become one though. 

·       That's true. There is a lot of meat featured on Insta. I do see lots of yummy vegan foods too though - they usually inspire me more

·       I adore seeing vegan foods on instagram, it makes me so happy and hungry! 

·       me too! Especially if they share the recipes too - it immediately makes me want to jump into my kitchen

Q3) What was the last instagram food trend that you fell for? 

·       I've just started back at Insta after a 7 month break so I'm really not up with trends right now 

·       I am not one to do trends. I just watch from a distance

·       We tried making a massive macaron once & utterly failed. It was very delicious mush though. 

Q4) How do you think food should be portrayed on instagram?

·       Great food Pics are always good to see

·       It should be seen at its best that way everyone benefits 

·       Because some of it is so aesthetically pleasing and everyone loves food!  

Q5) Why do you think food has become such a big trend when it comes to instagram photos?

·       they just draw your eye towards them & you want to know more about it. And like other people said they make you hungry

·       I think so many people actually love food! I mean obviously we have to eat to survive so there's a natural love for food but for most of us it goes even further I think 

·        Food should be portrayed with a bit of cultural background. Like that Chinese celebration where they show people slaughtering and eating dogs is one that I will never understand. Educate Us before You Put These On Our Timeline 

·       I have yet to actually try one that's not completely mushy. I'm always way too afraid if they're made without dairy

Q6) What do you hope for the future of food on instagram and how it is portrayed? 

·       Evening! Late to the party! I’d say food & health definitely add the colour & diversity needed for a good feed... hi all!

·       A5. People are always looking for the best restaurants or ideas for dinner so with these photos and geotagging people are able to find what they are seeking. 

·       Food should be portrayed on instagram as just a part of life, something we all need to survive, and thus something we can celebrate. I think putting pictures of food on Instagram gives it a new light as art. 

·       Food is trending on instagram because people are looking for ways to make it better and more interesting as we as a society move toward more and more healthy lifestyle trends. 

·       I agree. Great for inspiration in the eve too & break the mound from the norm.

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FBLChat: Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day. The two words are more loaded with expectation than the actual day itself. Whether you love Valentine’s Day or hate it, on the blogging calendar it means to break out the red roses, the little red dress and get the red lipstick on for all the romantic posts. This week’s FBLchat looked at Valentine’s Day and whether it is important to have Valentine’s Day content on our blogs.

Q1) Let's start by talking about all our plans for #ValentinesDay what will you be doing? #fblchat

·       I'll be sharing the galentine's love #fblchat

·       I have no plans as of yet lol, but conveniently Vals day is a day after Pancake day... so I'll be eating good!

·       I'm full of them. Hey being single can be amazing if you know how to make every couple moment, a self love moment. #fblchat

·       Hubs & I are going Berlin for a few days. Can't wait! We've got the travelling bug so any excuse to go away, we are goneeeee! #fblchat

·       Me and the Boyf are away in Cornwall for the week so on Valentine's Day we are going go karting! And then spending th evening in the hot tub #fblchat

·       I’m not sure yet as we are not 100% whether my boyfriend has a day off, but if he does we will probably go for a nice meal and go to the cinema or an arcade! #fblchat

·       We haven't got any plans as of yet. We normally have quite a casual evening though... PJs and takeaway for us probably #fblchat

·       A1. No plans maybe do a IG and Facebook LIVE on my accounts for some makeup looks for the ladies who have dates and then be all over my timelines like:-) #fblchat

Q2) Do you think it is important to have Valentine's content on your blog? #fblchat

·       I don’t think it is necessary HOWEVER I do feel like a lot of non-bloggers would be attracted to these sort of posts because they want advice on what to buy their partners, date ideas or what to wear/make up looks. So I think the traffic would be increased #fblchat

·       One of my friends really wants me to do a Valentine’s gift guide but I just don’t enjoy writing them! I know it’d probably be popular but I just refuse to write content I’m not 100% into #fblchat

·       You could find a template that you like about this holiday, insert your responses and add a few photos. DONE. I'm all about making it easy for my visitors. #fblchat

·       I think they can be fun but I always feel hypocritical when I try to make them. If I ever write a gift guide you can bet it will be preceded by a couple paragraphs about how you should get to KNOW people and gift based on WHO they are, not whatever demo they belong to. #fblchat

·       Not necessarily I enjoy seeing Valentine's or seasonal related content, but I think its very easy to get repetative. I don't think I'll be having any Valentine related content on my blog this year Maybe my insta, but that's all #fblchat

·       I personally love reading Valentines posts so for me it's important to do it on my own blog. And I think a lot of others would enjoy it #fblchat

Q3) What kind of Valentine's content do you like to read? #fblchat 

·       I like having a nosey at the new @LushLtd Valentine ranges. I like reading different date night ideas and outfits too #fblchat

·       I love gift guides, I find it so hard to find nice presents so any inspo is great #fblchat

·       Yes I love gift guides they can inspire me so much.. but I hate when everything has been gifted to the blogger x

·       Me too! Or if they only feature high end stuff that no one can afford x

·       I like more lifestyle pieces, I read a lovely post from @NatalieLeanneYT today which even included suggestions on how to spend the day so everyone should definitely check it out #fblchat

·       A3: I’m pretty open to anything really! Lifestyle posts about what people did for Valentine’s Day are always nice to read! #fblchat

·       I enjoy gift guides, but recently I’ve gone off them because they all seem to be off budget and repetitive! So this year I’ll be mostly looking out for make up looks and Valentine’s Day outfits?? I will probably read anti Valentine’s Day posts too #fblchat

·       A3. Omg! I used to read everything from the corny poems (and I wrote poems too), to watching @YouTube makeup videos and I also like to watch Bridget Jones Diary movies on Valentines Day and Sweetest Day! #fblchat

Q4) What is the most unique Valentines content you have ever read on a blog? #fblchat

·       I haven’t really seen many unique posts to be honest! It would be nice to see someone come up with a new post idea though! #fblchat

·       That would be good! The same kind of posts repeat don’t they? Outfit ideas, make up looks etc, they can be great but reading something fresh and new is so inspiring #fblchat

·       I’ve got this: http://www.totallycamille.com/valentines-day-gift-ideas-for-him/ … and I’m posting a valentine’s day hair, makeup and outfit post on Sunday!

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#FBLCHAT: The Instagram Problem

 Instagram seems to have become a real thorn when it comes to engagement and trying to gain a real following on personal accounts. The algorithm has long been debated with bloggers urging the platform to bring back the chronological feed and switch back to the way it used to be. This week’s FBLChat looks at the Instagram problem and whether the platform still holds a future for bloggers.

Q1) What is your biggest problem with Instagram right now? #fblchat

·       Visibility, I haven't seen some people's posts in over a month, I don't want to see posts from 3 days ago. It defeats the purpose of Instagram #fblchat

·       The follow/unfollow culture. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I totally stopped using Instagram ages ago #FBLChat

·       My engagement has gone done so much that I am starting to wonder why they are changing everything. This algorithm of how posts are seen are killing me and the accts I manage. #fblchat

·       OMG! exactly. Like why do they think that this okay! Like really! Who's idea was it to change everything to chronological order.

·       My follower growth is sloooooow.

·       I totally agree. Sometimes I see posts from 6 days ago! And they're ones I've already seen because I've gone onto the profile to look. I think it's so hard to grow an organic following too #fblchat

·       The fact you can't link in captions I put on pics to promote recent posts but can't link the relevant one to it :( #fblchat

·       I keep getting ‘f4f’ comments on my posts! #fblchat

·       Not being able to see my followers most recent upload! It's so annoying that I miss out on friends and family posts. #fblchat

·       Yeah it's awful. I never follow people back if I'm not into their account. Instagram is supposed to be for inspiration and that's all I want on my feed #fblchat

·       Getting my posts seen! It also doesn’t help that my feed is full of images from 4/5 days ago. X

·       My biggest problem with Instagram, and the reason I don't use it, is because of their ridiculous, unnecessary and wrongful #censorship while having inadequate avenues for appeals. Their censorship is often ludicrous and often gender-biased. #FBLchat

·       Yeah and it's so annoying that only those with 10k+ can link in stories!! #fblchat

·       Wait, seriously? They've actually restricted a section to a follower number when they could have asked for payment? Not that I want to pay for it, it just seems... weird, for a money hungry company. #fblchat

·       It suits them having an algorithm so they can serve the interests of advertisers! That’s what Facebook and Instagram need to survive! #fblchat

·       Insta has just deteriorated for me, love my content but it’s impossible to grow, engagement sucks but it seems everyone around me is doing amazingly #fblchat

·       @instagram used to have potential but now I am using it more for the stories because you can be seen at least for 24 hours, your followers will see it and some people tha tyou do not know will see it if you use a hashtag! #fblchat

Q2) What do you think needs to be done to change Instagram for the better? #fblchat

·       With an algorithm they can guarantee ads that are payed for through Instagram or Facebook have more visibility. A chronological algorithm would have an ad disappear much quicker!

·       @instagram needs to go back to 2013 when it was good and it was new and it was easy to follow and see who you liked and who you did not.

·       @instagram needs to stop with the algorithms. I follow tons of awesome people but physically have to visit their pages or I don't see their new posts and they don't see mine. #fblchat

·       I want genuine interaction from my followers so I only follow people I am genuinely drawn to and want to interact with #fblchat

·       I've been doing social media profile development since I was 17 and then when instagram came about in 2012-2013 i started to help others then. I love the IG story feature but I hate that they have turned to Facebook and now see of us as money and not people! Capitalism!

·       Go back to the chronological order, possibly have feeds for businesses/bloggers etc? #fblchat

·       I think if Instagram could guarantee that at least 20/30% of your following actually are your content as it is posted. Atm 10% of my following see my content and days later! Also please no hashtag algorithm! But it’s started already! #fblchat

·       I somewhat agree but it should stay business and personal accounts for data insights only. When you switch to a business acct you have more features unlike with the personal acct. #fblchat

·       The top 9 amongst hashtags are in an algorithm now. So you see what Instagram thinks you want to see rather than the most popular photos! It’s only a matter of time before hashtags are out of chronological order too!

·       If you think of it like that then you will never have much to share. Share your recent posts, walk people through what you blog is about. You have to be creative doll. Trust and believe that I am busy and boring but I can always Create What People Want #fblchat

Q3) Why do you think Instagram has made it so difficult for people to gain a following? #fblchat

·       I don’t think that’s necessarily Instagrams fault directly. I think the algorithm has made people resort to bots and buying followers as it is so hard to gain a genuine following. People trying to gain a huge following with zero work are the issue! #fblchat

·       I don't think that they are trying to make it difficult, they simple saw an opportunity to make people pay to be seen. Hence suggesting that people switch to a business acct to see insights &the potential to reach a larger audience by hinting at sponsored posts #fblchat

·       feel like they are trying to support the verified accounts. Are they trying to discourage those of us trying to make a living? I don't know... #fblchat

·       They aren’t doing it because Instagram engagement has grown ridiculously since introducing the algorithm. People are using it more than ever. Instagram won’t go back because now they make more money, it’s very simple. #fblchat

·       I don't think it has done that on purpose. I think it probably came as a side effect of other choices they have made for other reasons. Like, maybe if you can't predict your timeline, sponsored posts fit in better. #fblchat

·       Exactly! It's about the mighty dollar. Zuckerberg zeroed in on what worked for Facebook, saw how big of a monster Instagram was becoming and bought them. Now they are locking in on what worked with Facebook! #fblchat

Q4) What do you hope for the future of Instagram? #fblchat

·       my hope is that @instagram relies on natural engagement. Only companies should have paid ads, etc. In the future, money shouldn't be a driving force #fblchat

·       A continuation of a supportive community, I have a lovely group of women who comment and like my photos everyday and I genuinely see them as my friends #fblchat

·       That it would listen to its users & treat everyone fairly as well. It sucks that certain benefits are only available to those with a higher following #fblchat

·       I hope we can get a chronological feed back but I doubt that will happen. Other ham that I hope it stays a creative and friendly space for everyone! It’s my number one place for inspiration! #fblchat

·       That it will be a platform that everyone can benefit from and enjoy again #fblchat

Q5: Do you think it is important for your instagram to have a theme? #fbclhat

·       Maybe colour is your theme! Have you seen @justauni4orm her instagram feed is a colour lover's dream! #fblchat

·       We have a theme and it’s just a creative choice. I think Instagram feeds can be beautiful with our without a strict theme! #fblchat

·       Nope, I prefer to just post photos about my day etc plus I know I'd fail at creating a theme! #fblchat

Don’t forget FBLChat happens every week on Tuesdays at 8pm.

#FBLCHAT: Working with brands


When you ask a room full of bloggers what their blogging moment would be when they would know that they have made it, they would say that it is when their favourite brand contacts them and offers to work with them. Let’s face it, we all know that it is not as easy as that and it can take years of hard thankless work before a brand even notices your content. Let alone asks you to work with them and shock* actually pay you for it.

This week’s FBL Chat looked at working with bloggers.

Q1: Tell us about whether you have worked with brands and how was your experience?

·         A1. Yes, I have (with some great brands) but some of them have left me very mixed feelings. I still feel like many brands take advantage of smaller bloggers #fblchat

·         yes, it´s insane what they expect us bloggers to do for basically nothing. We put so much work into our blogs! #fblchat

·         The worst is: 'will you please review this on your social media' ... One receipt of the product you then get asked for follow links, a full blog post, set text, social media coverage and everything else in Mary Poppins bag

·         Yeah, it should be explicitly stated what the agreement is, and asking for more seems a bit pushy! #fblchat

·         Yes I have! It was really lovely, the brands were all very patient, kept me up to date with their process of working with bloggers and were very thankful that I also wanted to work with them #fblchat

·         The absolute dream brands are @CTilburyMakeup,@benefitgermany, @PIXIBeauty, but I‘d also currently love to work with smaller brands like @DavinesOfficial #fblchat

·         I have never worked with any brands but I did get an email last year from a brand but sadly I saw the email 6 months later. #fblchat

·         I worked with a brand once, and they were absolutely lovely! Also have had some correspondence with a few others, they weren't always as kind (not responding after a few mails back and forth). But have a few exciting things coming up! So that's good :)

·         A1. I have worked with @MapleHolistics and it was awesome and I love and recommend their products. I worked with @ScratchofSweden and now 3 years later I am working as their Head of Marketing, Sales and Distribution for the USA :-) #fblchat


Q2) How do you go about approaching a brand for a collaboration?

·         I send them an email introducing myself, I usually put forward my idea for the collaboration & I always provide examples of my writing work. Not just the posts on my website but also the marketing work I've done. Think that it's SO important to do this. #fblchat

·         A2: send over an introduction of myself and my blog-media kits help! I’ve done a whole blog post on it http://thebloglancer.co.uk/8tipsprs/  if it helps! #fblchat

·         I did a request via twitter and FB for brands to work with for a Christmas gift guide - I was specifically looking for handmade so made sure I was featuring the right people. Otherwise I rely on people approaching me #fblchat

·         I don't like approaching them unless we're on an influencer/brand platform. If I do approach them it's because they really impress me or I really respect their ethics and how they treat their employees and customers. #fblchat

·         You email them, introduce yourself, be kind and treat them like a human #fblchat

Q3: Do you think brands are receptive to working with micro bloggers?

·         I feel like most just want to work with people who have bigger followings #fblchat

·         Thats what I thought as well, that’s why I’m trying to create great quality content first and increase my following then approach brands when I have met their criteria

·         A3. It's all about quality over quantity which is what I always reiterate on my beauty blog. There more great content you put out the more people will notice. Numbers don't matter, content does! #fblchat

·         Think it depends on the brand & their mentality. Do they want someone with 20K followers & low engagement or someone with 2000 followers & high engagement? #fblchat

·         I’ve not had anyone say I’ve not got a lot of followers yet but don’t tend to approach the big brands whilst I’m still low key. I like to think my quality posts make up for my lack of following. I’m passionate about what I blog about & will only work with brands that fit my niche

·         Some more, and some less but I think they‘re all slowly getting better and actually look at the content aswell instead of just the follower numbers! Xx #fblchat

·         A3: Usually no but if a micro blogger is able to deliver unique and targeted content, they might work - but again its tough #fblchat

·         I feel they rather work with bigger influencers because it brings them more coverage. And of course it’s true, but I feel it’s unfair


Q4: How do you go about pitching to brands? #fblchat

·         A4. I haven't yet but I think it'd be good to go to them with a few ideas that you have on how to work with them. That way they have a choice and see that you're full of creativity #fblchat

·         yes, exactly. You have to go in with the mindset that they have no clue who you are - so you kind of have to sell yourself & why they should work with you! #fblchat

·         I haven't done it yet, but I like to think that I'll use media kits to "promote my work" and prove my creativity. I want to come in with ideas and show my motivation!

·         Try and find out a contact I should be addressing, learning a bit about their products if not already familiar and send an email. I give them a link to my blog which contains details of my following and what I can offer. I say I am happy to work with them. I never expect freebies

·         A4. My first and only pitch was sent throught @instagram DM and because my profile has a link to my blog which has links to my social media, all the info they are seeking is right there. I would like a stat sheet though, but not yet #fblchat


Q5: What do you think is the future of working with brands? #fblchat

·         I think brands need to widen the beauty colour ranges & tailor products to women & men of colour .As more people of colour move to western countries .And as #Africa economy rises,those women & men will need products .#fblchat

·         With all of the brands constantly developing there will be continuous opportunities. They key is to STAND OUT & stop blending in. Slide through the DM and pitch yourself #fblchat

·         I think ignoring the recent bad press blogging has received, that companies realise we are a great resource to have and will utilise that. They just need to learn, like them, we all start off small and we need to work together to help each other out.

·         I think brands eventually learnt from their past mistakes, and understand that smaller influencers are just as good to work with for them than bigger ones. Fingers crossed, that'll come sooner than later.

·         I think brands will learn to appreciate bloggers even more! They will see that our personalise will actually be good for them and that interactions are more important than numbers (or at least that's what I hope!)

·         I'm hoping it will turn into climbing up with influencers that supported them from the beginning and like everyone helping everyone and it not relying so much on follower numbers.

·         Think there will be a lot more opportunities. However, I think there will also be a lot more people wanting to work with brands. So it's all about standing out from the crowd.

Thank you for joining us on the chat, don’t forget to join us on Tuesdays at 8pm for our next one!




New Year, New Blog.. FBL Chat returns!

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 20.12.06.png

New Year, new starts. Let's face it, we have all heard this a million times before. We all start with the greatest of intentions at the start of the year and guiltily, pretend we didn't make these resolutions back in January. Blogs have a similar tendency to be full of new posts at the start of the year and then begin to wane as real life sets in. This week's FBLChat looked at what being a blogger means to us and what we are desperate to do to make a change to our blogs this year.

1)   How is blogging going for everyone? Are you still enjoying it as much as when you first started?

·       Blogging is slowly on an up. Loving it more now I'm getting to grips with it :) 

·       Not really hey. Instagram has taken over and I feel like people would rather check your instagram page than your actual blog. However, I'm still enjoying but not as much.

·       Haha! Oops! I feel like I've been busy too, but I've been doing barely anything! I'm still recovering from Christmas!

·       It does! It helped me find myself during a time when I was feeling very lost, and it's helped me build a really wonderful circle of friends! 

·       Been trying to find more time to create posts, but with an 11-month-old it's been a little tough. Will eventually find a balance that works! 

·       Yes hey. Building my instagram is the way to go now. The blog will still be there, but the focus will be 70% on Instagram and 30% on the blog

·       I recently rebranded my blog and am trying to post more consistently although right now that isn't going well. But I love blogging ! I'm currently trying to reach my goal of 100 email subscribers to my blog, which is definitely harder to obtain than it looks. 

·       I’m taking each day as it comes really, this is my third attempt at blogging, but I seem to be enjoying it more this time.

·       Hope I'm not too late. I'm enjoying blogging. I'm just about to hit my 2year anniversary since I started mine and I am still loving it. Yeah it does get me down sometime, but just need to not put so much pressure on things. 

·       Same! I have a 15 month old and with her running around and knocking everything over it can be hard to sit down and write up a blog post. But I wouldn't change any of it. I'm trying to write once she goes to bed. 

·       I actually get a decent amount of traffic to my blog from Instagram, so I always try to make sure that my blog is up to date with new content, while I'm constantly taking pictures for Instagram! It's all about finding that perfect balance.

·       I am but at the same time I'm still finding it oversaturated, so I'm trying to reflect and refresh my content.


2)   What demotivates you most about blogging?

·       I’d love to work with brands but most look at stats. My stats are great though I try hard.

·       Going through bloggers block and not being inspired.

·       Usually my own pressure really. If the weather doesn't allow me to take photos that totally gets me down, but I'm learning to not get so uptight about it. 

·       Seeing people complain about fulltime bloggers being paid to feature an item. They're making money doing something they love. That's awesome! It's goals. Support it.

·       The lack of diversity.

·       Having no ideas, and seeing such low view count! Know it shouldn’t be about the views but it hurts when you’ve worked so hard on something for it to feel ‘lost’.

·       Same here girl! I've reached out to a couple of brands but numbers are always their first priority, sadly. But we'll get there!

·       I’m a bit hit and miss with blogging, every so often I just need a break then I feel totally refreshed again!

·       I'm literally my own worst enemy when it comes to it! Thinking nothing that I write is good and then getting sucked into comparing myself to other bloggers who have been doing this for much longer than I am. I have to remind myself it's a process!

·       Getting caught up in stats.

·       When people follow & unfollow you it's frustrating. Especially when you want to reach a certain goal. That can be demotivating.

·       Bloggers block is so real. When I’m feeling inspired I make lists of posts and they sometimes get me through bloggers block.

·       I think sometimes I feel micro bloggers like myself get over-looked and that not all bloggers share the micro blogger love. Big bloggers love big bloggers. Newbie bloggers want to be big bloggers.. What about the middle guys!

·       The pressure everyone puts on themselves to hit numbers and keep producing content when things get busy/life gets in the way. Content = passion and this perspective makes it a bit demotivating sometimes as it definitely adds pressure!

·       I've been thinking of setting up a weekly or biweekly newsletter with exclusive content for those that subscribe to my blog.

·       I think I enjoy it more now because I don't put pressure on myself to post and I write more posts about things that concern me 

·       Being terrible at SEO and all the technical stuff

·       I agree! I've had my blog for seven years, and whilst it's not a big beast - it's always there whether I can give it my full attention or five minutes of my time in between work. It's like a companion that's always there and best enjoyed when there's no pressure!

·       Was just in a brand meeting with a client through work today though, and there are a lot of brands wanting to work with content producers who produce shit hot content and have engaged audiences. We just need to keep doing what we love and they'll turn away from this metric.

·       I know it shouldn't be about the numbers, but when you've worked hard on a post & the view count is low. I sometimes feel like my posts just aren't reaching many people.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 20.13.20.png

3)   What is the one thing you will do differently or change on your blog this year?

·       Focus more on traffic growth and maybe redo the pictures so it looks better #fblchat

·       CANNOT WAIT for summer. Daylight til 9pm is literally every blogger's dream!

·       Prep! Plan ahead and forecast post opportunities

·       I've already changed my layout but I want to do more collaborations with other bloggers.

·       I want to improve my photography & post better photos on my blog. I also want to do more reviews etc. 

·       If you have wordpress, there's a great plug-in that makes SEO amazingly easy! I used to be so bad at it, but this plug-in helped massively, and I'm actually seeing more page views too! It's called Yoast! 

·       I want to expand on my video capabilities and just create better content overall. 

·       I definitely need to be more consistent with my posts which is what I'm working on this year 

·       Be more consistent with my posting schedule and improve my photography skills.

·       Thinking to create an Instagram page for it. Currently I use Twitter & FB but I hear so much about the Instagram algorithm that I wonder if there's any point?

·       Me too! I've been using Yoast, which is a free plugin you can get if you're on Wordpress. It's very helpful and will tell you how you can improve your blog post as you write it.

·       Focus on producing content that I would want to read rather than following trends! That and make use of the Tailwind App which seems to have made a decent impact on my Insta engagement already!

·       Make my move over to lifestyle complete, look into moving away from blogger and post more! No biggies.

·       Agreed! I knew nothing about SEO until I started using the Yoast plugin, and their blog/newsletter has really useful tips too

·       Try to find a real niche and create better content!!

·       I'm not blogging for the sake of blogging any more. I'm only posting when I have something constructive to say & am 100% happy with how everything's written.



4)   What is your ultimate blogging goal?

·       I always find this hard to answer but probably to make a difference, work with some amazing brands and score a press trip to Fiji to write about the 10 uses of coconuts.

·       Share more of my travels openly and be honest in my writing. I feel like my tone changes for the audience and I’m trying not to do that. 

·       I don't really know to be honest. It would be fantastic if it could ever replace my day job, but just to keep enjoying it and have the same enthusiasm I have years down the line. 

·       To travel for a living and share my stories with the world. I live to travel and nothing else would make me happier. 

·       The real goal for me is not to become a full time blogger like most but just to be open to more opportunities for meeting new people.

·       I would love to maybe make an income from blogging but ultimately, I just want to continue doing something that I enjoy.

·       To earn a decent income from it. I took the plunge to go freelance last September as a content writer so it feels like a natural progression. 

·       My goal is to make the people who read my blog smile.

·       Overall I want to connect with readers, build a community and absolutely be able to make money from it one day! I don't know what this space will look like even five years down the line but I'm definitely excited about it!

·       To continue to enjoy what I do and meet more new people if I end up making money then so be it.

·       To share my experiences, and break the stigma surrounding mental health 😊

·       To meet other bloggers and youtubers who are in the same place and still building/establishing themselves.

5)   What will you do differently as a result of this chat?

·       I’m definitely going to go self-hosted after some great advice! 

·       Read more, comment more, blog more. Not particularly in that order. 

·       Try support others where poss - lots of talented people that need cheerleaders out there!

·       Try and connect with other bloggers more, be okay with the fact that I only blog when it fits in with a hectic, busy life and to continue to enjoy blogging.

·       It's reminded me that I need to communicate with others on here and not just lurk, scrolling for hours and hours on end haha.

·       Read more, write more, engage more, collab more, basically do MORE.

Don't forget to tune into FBLChat next week Tuesday at 8pm. 

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#FBLCHAT Christmas Blogging

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 19.07.22.png

Christmas is one of those times of year where we all feel obliged to roll out our tartan scarves and start wandering through our nearest cities to take dreamy photos of all things festive. For bloggers, the season does add another layer of expectation where bloggers become obsessed with creating festive content using every tool available to them. This week's post looks at Christmas blogging and what it means to our community. 

1) How have you been preparing your blogs for Christmas?        

  • So far just researching blogmas ideas. 
  • I've made a list of 100 blogmas post ideas for my blog and I've narrowed them down. I've taken the past two days off from blogging so I can focus in mass writing.
  • I have a new header, thanks to @dorkfaceblog! And all my normally black sidebars etc have gone green 🎄🌟 & I have blogmas drafted! 
  • Does anything really prepare you for Christmas? So excited about all these new makeup brands and pop ups happening here in London though!
  • Not really, I mean I am only doing some recipes this year and maybe some gift guides. I did Blogmas once and it killed my creativity!🎇 


2) Would you ever consider doing blogmas (blogging everyday) in the run up to Christmas? 

  • Gonna do it for a second year in a row
  • Thus is my second year so I realised where I was weak last year and tried to improve upon it.
  • I've done it twice before and really enjoyed it 🎄. It's a lot of hard work and dedication but it is worth it. If anyone is thinking of doing #Blogmas, 
  • I did last year and planning to do it again this year. It's honestly so much funny and motivating when working within a theme too
  • I've done it before but it was a nightmare i'll do christmas content but nowhere near as much as blogmas needs.
  • I'd be worried I'd just rush to get content out for the sake of it! 
  •  I actually did it about 2 years ago, honestly it killed every creative bone in my body, but I applaud anyone who does it! 🎇 

3)What are your favourite festive posts to read?

  • I love seeing posts about the Christmas markets, how people enjoy celebrating, favourites of the year + recipes ❄️❤️.
  • Definitely recipes, I did a few last year and honestly they're some of my favourites to do. Can't wait to share this years!🎇 
  • It has got to be the Christmas recipes, and family disaster blogs. Everyone has them , so i love reading them!
  • I like reading about how people spend Christmas in their country/culture. Oh and posts about festive foods, those are mouth watering 😛 
  • I love recipe posts & gift ideas 💜 
  • Festive recipes or decorating diy’s. I’m a sucker for fairy lights and cake 😍😂 
  • I’d say recipe and gift ideas to be honest and like home wear Christmas decoration hauls 

4) What is the one thing you love most about Christmas?

  • Spending time with my family. This year will be extra special as it’s my sons first Christmas and he will be 5 1/2 months old. He loves the Christmas tree already! 
  • Spending time with family, honestly the best thing in the world!🎇 
  • Just the excitement and all the activities on the build up of it all 🙊🎄 
  • The build up. Spending time with family. The happiness in everyone. The food. Oh and of course, the day after: my birthday 😂🎁 
  • Gosh i sound so very bah humbug, but i've honestly never liked christmas. I now totally understand the classic 'being with family' responses. Ever since becoming a mum, i LOVE it. Maybe even a bit too much🙊 its the face my 2yr old son makes at all things festive. ❤️ 
  • Spending time with loved ones and the overall holiday cheer #fblchat 

We wish everyone a happy festive season and hope everyone has a great time celebrating with their families. Our next #FBLCHAT will be next Tuesday at 8pm. 


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