It's Bola Sol here, womenswear editor for FBL Bloggers. Before I get into my first post, I wanted you all to know a little bit about me:

Occupation: Finance Contractor

Why I started blogging: I felt like some of the things I wanted to express should be shared with others

Why you are excited to join FBL Bloggers: The team seem so lovely and everyone is really sweet.

A fun fact about yourself: I used to be the captain of under 16s cricket club for my borough. Love playing cricket but I find it boring to watch.

After attending many press days with the FBL team there are a few trends that have stood out. Here are 5 trends that you can take from the catwalk from the high street:


The Floral Print

Thought the floral print would be over by now? Think again. The trend is back in the most elegant form through slip skirts and satin tops. The best way to wear the floral print this year is with the same relaxed nature as the pyjama trend. You can also keep it light and girlie by wearing a dress.



The sleeveless cloak isn’t making a comeback through coats alone. This time the cape has come back in the form of dresses and jumpsuits. The open arms not only evoke us to have a superwoman stance but it is still suitable to wear towards the end of summer. If you’re looking for the perfect power ensemble, look no further because the cape has got you covered.

cape trend


If you’ve been looking for that extra pop in your outfits, metallic may be the trend for you. Between sequins, glitter, and a general shimmer, the metallic trend is sure to bring the spark you need to your outfit. Wearing metallic is great if you want to make a statement or if you want all eyes on you. If all eyes on you is what you are after then choose a dress or a cut out jumpsuit that embodies your confident style choices.

metallic trend


“On Wednesday, we wear pink.”

All throughout this autumn/winter period, pink will be a definitive colour in retail stores. As much as black is so dearly loved, pink brings a lighter feel to the rain and sleet we know we will indefinitely experience. If you don’t have much pink in your wardrobe, try something new this season. Add a little pink to your wardrobe. Pink represents delicacy, romance and love of ones self. Love yourself a little more and wear it well.

pink trend

Black & Sheer

The colour black always makes a statement when worn. However, black and sheer together gives a completely different tone. The best time to
wear this trend is in the evening. When unsure about the dress code for an event, this will be the perfect medium. The best thing about wearing sheer material on the colour black is that this look works all year round. So check your summer closet, you may find you already have something at the ready for the next season.  

black sheer trend

What trends are you looking forward to this Autumn/Winter?