Taran here, menswear editor for FBL. I am a filmmaker and blogger from London, UK but I travel so much I may as well be a global citizen – At any one time I could be walking along the High Line in NYC to sitting by the beach in Dubai or getting my culture on in India.

Style has always been an important aspect of my life. From the way you rock an outfit, the way you carry yourself in that favourite coat of yours, or donning a pair of sunglasses – it speaks volume. But just because something is hot right now, doesn’t mean it’s something you have to go buy and be seen in. This is what attracted me to blogging. I see so many posts about the latest trends. But for me it’s about finding the perfect fit and style that represent you and that’s what I intend on putting out there in the blogging world.


taran lehal

For me, style is a representation of yourself, it’s says a lot about you before you open your mouth. So it’s important to know how to represent yourself. By no means do I hold all the answers, heck I’m still learning new things, discovering new brands and trends all the time – but style is ultimately timeless.

We all go through phases of trends and styles, I used to always don big name brands all over my t-shirts 10 years ago that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing (ok so maybe I wear them at home lol) – but I now prefer subtler styles, perhaps with no logo at all. What I really look for is quality. Higher thread counts, selvedge denim and timeless items that will last year after year over clothes for the masses. But these clothes tend to cost a lot more than your high street prices.

So in my posts I will be building up a new wardrobe, starting with the essentials and working my way through what’s hot, but most importantly what will last through all the trends. I will be searching the web and stores in London (or wherever else I may be) but looking for a bargain where I can, hitting sales and sample sales and matching up new outfits from my new collection of clothes.

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