I’m Lindsey a London Mumma to Leanora my 2 year old firecracker who keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh in abundance, all at the same time wanting to rip my hair out as she drives me insane especially after she drawn all over my walls and then tells me ‘oh dear mummy ,what have you done’ lol!


 I currently work as a Freelance Stylist and Studio Assistant when Leanora is at nursery. I recently got back into styling after a hectic year and me having to quit my previous job as a Property Manager. 

 This is how I came about starting my blog After maternity leave I went back to work part-time I was then given a promotion which required me to having to work full time, so as you do I arranged with the nursery to have Leanora in full time and as you can imagine nursery fees are not bloody cheap, far from it! It costs, just to send her to nursery full time more than my rent, how insane is that! Roll on 3 years old lol! So I notified the normal channels, being a single parent I am entitled to tax credits etc. Super pumped up that I am going back to work full-time I’ve always loved working, I’ve worked since the age of 13 with my dad at his garage. I was then notified by tax credits that I would earn too much for the tax year to be entitled to any help with nursery fees etc until the new tax year April 2016 and this was the 4th January of this year! So I was in a tricky spot A) Do I take Leanora out of the nursery, where would I find another at such short notice B) Do I quit work and return in April. Well, I went with option C) both A & B. 

 So unemployed, daughter not in a nursery, at least the rent is paid and we have a roof over our head, but what the hell am I going to do with our free time until April! This is how my blog came about! I needed something to do, to focus on, yes I have my daughter but I needed something for me, otherwise, my brain would turn into mush and I would go insane and probably cry all day (safely say this has not YET happened – wink emoji). I am not one of those people who can just sit around twiddling their thumbs all day (each to their own) I’ve never not worked and it's frightening, not knowing where your next pay cheque is coming from, but this way doing a blog I can do something for me and for Leanora and keep my mind ticking over. Share my hates, have a rant and about being a parent and not knowing what the hell I am doing, but surprisingly I’ve learnt a lot, well I hope I have not unless Leanora is leading me on to thinking I am doing a good job, but more than anything my love for my daughter my passions for what I love to eat or gorge on is probably the best word and thirst for fashion and food and growth and parenting advice. 

 I am so stoked to be a part of the FBL Bloggers team as your Parenting Editor when they announced the Editors on Twitter I was in the bathroom painting and nearly fell off the ladder due to my excitement. Being able to work with such a great brand alongside some awesome Editors as well you the readers has literally made my year, never in a million years did I think I was ever going to get this spot and I am truly
grateful and feel very blessed and I hope I do you all proud. 

 To end I am supposed to share a fun fact about myself, but I shall do you one better and share an embarrassing fact about me! One night I was out with friends at a party, I had the best chat with the most amazing person in the world for like 20-30 mins, I was dying to introduce my friends to this person, so as I turned to find my friends I said to my new friend before I left ‘I’ll be back in 2 secs’ only to bloody realise I was, in fact, talking to myself in a bloody mirror the horror, the shame oh the shame of it, I quickly ran off dying a little inside!

 I hope you enjoy my blog and if you’d like to get in touch or leave me a comment please do drop me a line at or tweet me @londonmumma, follow me on Instagram @lindseylondonmumma and my Bloglovin page here