It was not how I planned it, far from it! It was the hardest yet easiest decision I had ever made in my life, being a parent and a single one at that and if I am honest that is fine with me, I am not the first nor will I be the last single parent in this world.


Being a single parent can be tough, there are good days and there are bad days, and to be honest you don’t have time to worry about the pointless stuff! Your little one/ones need you, but what they don’t know is, is that you need them more!


At the end of the day the good out ways the bad tenfold and don’t get me wrong there are a lot more good days, that outweigh the bad by tenfold, now more so that Leanora has come out of that, dare I say it ‘terrible twos’ phase, but that is part and parcel of growing up and our little sprogs having to deal with emotional changes but that is another story.



I shall start with the hard part about being a single parent, when your little sprogs become mobile, they start drawing on walls, putting your mobile in the freezer, shouting at you in the open public, taking their sweet merry time knowing you are running late for work, peeing on the floor then blaming you for it. The breakfast, lunch or dinner you have just made and they turn around and spit it out saying ‘urgh yukie, disgusting mummy, urgh yukie’ (Leanora’s favourite phrase at the moment) can be a bit frustrating, especially as you think it is the best thing you have eaten in the world and you have just slaved forever thinking, buying and then making it all the while juggling the washing, bath time, sleepless nights and everything in between.


Not being able to share the load with another is the hardest part, especially when you are not a millionaire and do not have another income coming in and truth be told, just to have a breather or be able to go to the bathroom on your own is tough, but that is the way the cookie crumbles for single parents. At times you can just be left with your heart in your mouth, thinking am I doing the right thing am I providing enough for my child, nursery fees have they been paid, is my child getting the same amount of love care and attention, than those with 2 parents and the answer is HELL YES!


Now this is the good part about being a single parent, to see your child's achievements and see them develop from 0 to 100, to see their first steps, say their first words, start counting in the correct numerical order, and for them to shower you with all the cuddles and kisses in the world. The added bonus you get, is that you learn more about yourself and your strengths as a person be it if you are a single mum or dad you somewhat turn into a warrior and nothing can defeat you, that strength they instill in you is phenomenal and no one can take that away from you, unless they are playing Pokémon Go and catch you!