5 ways to get over heartbreak

5 ways to get over heartbreak


I'd say the first time I ever experienced a mini-heartbreak was when I was 12 years old. I liked this guy (we'd been talking on MSN for a couple months, as you do), and the rumour around the year was that he was supposed to ask me out on a Friday, but on the Thursday, I found out he had already asked out another girl! The first time I actually cried over a guy was when I was 17, it was the first time I had actually been on seeing-each-other terms with a guy, but quickly found out that the guy I was supposedly seeing <em>wasn't</em> seeing me, actually it turns out he was seeing every girl in South East London. Heartbreak is good and bad, and we will all experience it at some point; it's bad because, let's face it, it hurts. But it's good because you get to learn a lot about yourself, how people work, and position yourself such that you're better able to deal with heartbreak in the future...


Give yourself some time to feel the pain

You don't have to be super woman all the time, and if you're going through a heartbreak, you totally have permission to just feel the pain... for a while. I'm saying - let yourself cry in bed, pig out, reminisce - whatever it takes - just get the pain out. But try and keep this short, because you need to get back up really soon to continue to slay.

 Stay in the company of other people

I've found in the past that if I've ever been upset over someone, staying in the company of others has helped to really get my mind off of it. Not only are your friends and family able to give you advice regarding the situation, but just <em>keeping busy</em> can take your mind off of the pain, because it's often when you're alone that you start to reminisce, and if you're not careful you end up in a spiral of constantly feeling sorry for yourself.

 Enjoy the single life

Sometimes, if you've been speaking to someone in a while, I find it quite refreshing to just take some time to enjoy being single. This doesn't have to mean 'getting around' (unless that's what floats your boat), but it can just mean not yearning to be seeing someone or in a relationship at all times, which a lot of us do. It can definitely be a shift to your lifestyle when you go from talking to someone every day to never talking to them again... but it happens, everyone will have go through it at a point, and you deal with it. It's important to know how to enjoy your own time and your own company and not feel, especially as this young age, like you <em>need</em> someone else to make you happy.

 Remember why it ended

A lot of people have the issue of going back to someone once everything has already been signed off, and sometimes this is okay, especially if issues have been resolved. But a lot of the time, it does no good except from holding you back from moving on. Remembering why things ended will help you get over the situation and it'll most likely be a constant reminder of why you need to move on from everything. And if it ended badly? This brings back up the anger and makes sure you never go back.


5. Learn from it

Every time you're involved with someone and things don't work out, you learn a bit more for the next time. With the guy I was talking to when I was 17, it got me a bit out of my naive mindset and made me realise that some boys really do have tons of girls on the go, and it's not just something you read about on social media. When I got hurt in my first year of uni, it made me learn that I can't ever let myself be treated without any respect, and that I should never settle or feel bad for thinking that someone isn't quite up to the level I'm expecting in another half. It helps you filter out the crappy people in the future, and hopefully helps lead you more easily to someone you're suited to and to someone that makes you happy, which is exactly what happened in my case.


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