#FBLCHAT: Finding your blog's niche

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One of the things that really struck me about blogging when I was starting out was how difficult it was to try and get a following. There were lots of bloggers out there and I couldn’t figure out who I was in an already saturated market. Upon research, I found that there was a real emphasis on having a specific niche blog so people knew who you were from seeing your content at first sight. In this week’s #FBLChat we looked at how to find your blogging niche and whether it is important to have one.

Do you think it is important to have a blogging niche?

  • I think its important for followers to know what to expect from your blog. Whether it is niche or not. 
  • Yes and no, I think it ultimately depends if you want to specialise in one area OR just be a bit of everything.
  • I think so. It makes your platform easier to market and can keep you on track with the content you’re posting
  • I think it helps define your blog, but I don't think it has to be crazy specific and it certainly doesn't have to be a barrier 
  • I don't think your blog has to have a specific niche of topic, a blog's niche you! There is only one you!
  • A blogging niche allows you to stand out from the crowd and to build a loyal readership.
  • It depends on your overall vision & goals. Some bloggers are very specific to one niche while others aren't & both styles work! 
  • I think it helps for people to understand what to expect from you.
  • It helps your readers know what to expect and what content they can find on your blog. #fblchat
  • Yes and no! it's good people know what to expect when they follow you, but also you should write about what makes you happy! 
  • I think it's important to have a niche, but remain open minded because sometimes your niche may have different levels to explore.
  • Having a focus is great, but your blog is about you! So as long as you are passionate about what you write, you're good! 
  • You need to write about what you love, sometimes that's niche, sometimes not. I'm a lifestyle blogger & that can be very broad! 
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How did you choose what you wanted to blog about?

  • I’ve always had an interest in beauty, so it was an easy decision! 
  • I discovered blogging through fashion magazines and used to want to be a fashion journalist, so my blog centred around that.
  • I love beauty so that was easy, and everything else is purely what I enjoy and feel happy writing at the time! 
  • I knew I wanted to study fashion at college, so it felt natural to be a personal style blog. But over the years I've become more lifestyle
  • I initially wanted to write about college life but I decided that writing authentically about my entire life/vlogging was my passion.
  • Choosing things you'd want to read about is a good place to start, and what you are interested in /hobbies as it's easier to write about!
  • I'm blogging anonymously mainly about anything & everything that I love for me my blog has always been a way for me to express & escape 
  • I blog about what I really want to talk about, my blog is a reflection of me & I adore having such a creative platform!
  • Being fat and into fashion, I was always made to feel like the two don't go hand in hand so I decided to blog about it.
  • My love of books gave me the passion to start a blog and 5 years later, I'm still here recommending books.
  • I wanted to write for fashion magazines, so my original blog centred around that. Now, my new blog is similar but a bit more open! 
  • I started with my style as I loved browsing through style inspiration and it started to develop into beauty, life, travel, etc! 

What do you think makes your blog special?

  • My personality.
  • Me! And by that I mean my voice, I try to stay authentic to who I am. I write like a think and that seems to go down well.
  • Everyone's blog is beyond special, we put so much love, time and care into our blogs, but what makes it special is us!
  • It's run by me and I'm special.
  • I think my newfound love of photography is really helping my latest content stand out. 
  • I like to think my life experiences, passion & integrity shine through in my writing & that in turn helps others & they can relate! 
  • It’s my content, which is all thought about and written by me!
  • Blogging about 7 different topics should hopefully make my blog special (highly unlikely though!).
  • Everything comes from the heart & experience. I have a genuine passion & love for what I do & I'd like to think that shows.
  • I think just that it's done by me and everything from my style of writing, editing photos and blog layout/theme is unique to me & my style!
  • Everyone's blog is special because each one if different. I'm currently writing my life story series which my readers are enjoying.
  • I was an architecture student from the Caribbean that also had an interest in fashion and liked to read.

What is the quirkiest blog you have come across?

  • I once read a blog which was dedicated to alarm clocks.
  • That's a hard one... saw one about conspiracy theories once and loved it!
  • I saw one about a woman's experiences working as a phone-sex worker - completely hooked on it though!

How do you think someone can make their blog more unique?

  • Simple. Write for yourself. Write what you would wanna read. Don't conform.
  • Don't try and be anyone else! Just be yourself and write what you want to write about.
  • Always resist the temptation to compare yourself to others and put yourself down. Write about what your passionate about! 
  • Be yourself and find your voice. Love the reason you blog and write about what your passionate about. 
  • Personalization is really important. Find a niche and deliver your content in a unique way.

I hope you enjoyed our #fblchat this week, don’t forget to tune next Tuesday at 8pm for our next chat!

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