When blogging first came to the world, it was all about having good content. This meant a well written blog with some photos attached to it to illustrate what you were talking about. Fast forward to present day and blogging photography has taken on a whole new meaning. Blogging is not just about the content but the photos are now taking centre stage with more and more bloggers going the extra mile to create glossy photographs which previously were reserved to fashion photography in magazines. This week’s #Fblchat looked at photography for blogging and whether it really is so important.

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Q1) How important is to have good photos with your blog posts? 

·       I find it massively important, I think people are more likely to view a post if they’re greeted with a lovely picture 

·       I think it's pretty important, it's definitely what I struggle the most with!

·       Photos are very important for a blog post, but so is having your personality come across to readers

·       I love photos as I feel like they speak a thousand words

·       I think they help readers stay engaged with what they're reading.

·       Photos are important, I'm a very visual person, but the important thing is they're clear 

·       I think it is so important...Pictures can tell more than words sometimes. It definitely helps with the styling of the post too.

·       It's so true! I can't think the amount of times a post has caught my eye just because of the photos! 

·       Photos are super important! Especially for visual and creative people. One photo can say a thousand words!

·       Photography quality is a make or break thing for me when it comes to blog posts!

·       Photos draw me in and make me feel intrigued 

·       Photos make a post look more attractive and can also help the reader to take inn the content better!

·       I think the visual element it provides is definitely needed! But there should always be a good balance

·       Pictures are a message to my audience in a way, before you read the post you should be able to get the summary merely looking at the photo.

·       Yes, it is so disappointing reading a blog post that has beautiful photos but the rest is unoriginal/not much thought has gone into it! 

·       At the end of the day, online you're competing with so much 'noise', visuals can be your best shot at standing out.

·       I feel like sometimes it can make or break a blog. Obviously not everyone’s a professional but obvious effort and clear photos are key.

Q2) What do you use to take photos on now for your blog?

·       I flit between my phone and my Sony A5000 which I'm still trying to figure out!

·       I use my iPhone 7 Plus and the quality is unreal 

·       I’ve been using my Olympus Pen

·       I have an Olympus Pen E-PL7. I love it though, fingers crossed I get my new lens for Christmas.

·       I use my point and shoot camera (Canon Powershot SX720 HS) or my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6)

·       I used my phone... a Samsung galaxy j5prime. It's bin awesome. I hope to get a professional camera soon.

·       iPhone 7. Looking to get a camera soon but for now it goes the job. It's not about the tools you have, it's how you use them

·       I’m currently using my iPhone 7+ with portrait mode (lifesaver for those without proper cameras) but saving for an Olympus Pen

·       A Canon 6D DSLR when outside, fashion ootds etc, then a Canon 600D with a 50m lense inside for products/filming videos. 

·       I have iPhone 8plus and my pictures are tons better than the iPhone 6 I had!!

·       I love my S8. Takes so many good pictures.


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Q3) What do you wish you could use to create photos for your blog?

·       I need lighting equipment!

·       I wish I had a ring light, and beauty box light. Lighting is important, and it bugs me!

·       I'd love to have better flatlay skills like @laurzrah has

·       If we’re not just talking cameras then my wishlist has a light studio from amazon on it. Gives white light and background enclosed in box

·       100% need lighting, I use natural light and it's good but inconsistent - it means I'm limited to certain days due to time! 

Q4) Do you think text only blogs have a space in the blogosphere? 

·       Everyone has space in the blogosphere, text, no text, pics only, no pics, videos, sound clips so on. Some people prefer to read more.

·       I think it depends what the topic/brand of the blog is. I used to read an anonymous fashionista blog, about her life. Loved it.

·       I think there is a space for everyone in the blogosphere, everyone brings something different to the table.

·       Yeah I’d say so. Especially those who can write in such a way that you can ‘see’ what they’re talking about just through their words!

·       Yes definitely, think the blogging world would be boring if all blogs were the same

·       If the topic is strong enough then yeah why not. But certain posts like beauty reviews wouldn't work without photos. 

·       That fact that we are all unique means we can spread that uniqueness with the blogosphere! I  like just being myself on my blog!

·       Definitely. Blogs started with only text/articles. Blogs have a ton of knowledge you'll only if you read. Knowledge is power. 

Q5) What is your one tip to improve blogger photography? 

·       Practice, take inspiration from fellow bloggers and mix up your props

·       Honestly lighting does it for me! Good, bright lighting always improves a picture! 

·       Lighting. Natural light if possible such as in front of window. Outside if not in sunlight or risking shadows.

·       Keep practising and experimenting with what works for you

·       Practice! Experiment with props, backgrounds and settings! Watch YouTube tutorials... Don't be scared to try new things.

·       Although I joke about seeking a pro, but capture the light, tap screen to focus, don't zoom in MOVE CLOSER, use apps to rid blemishes

·       Don't be afraid to experiment with colours, backgrounds & props etc. There's more to photography than marble backgrounds

·       Don't feel you have to have a fancy camera to start!!! Just an phone works wonders if you make an effort to edit them well

·       Practice and experiment, don't just leave it for when you're blogging but take photos day to day just to try out different things!


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