You have written the post, taken beautiful arty photos and published the post but you have only had three people read your post. You start questioning yourself – what did I do wrong? Why does no one want to read my post? Am I a terrible blogger? Worry not dear reader, it is not all bad news. This week’s #fblchat focused on how to get engagement on your blog posts and here is a quick recap of some the fantastic tips we shared.

Emma Louise @owlsandstags

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1) How do you get real engagement on your blog?

·       Asking questions as part of your post allows people to interact with your blog posts

·       Commenting on other blogs

·       Focus on returning readers by tailoring content to them

·       Promote your posts on twitter regularly

·       Linking to other blog posts within new posts

·       Twitter chats

Mr Luke Christian @MrLukeChristian

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2) Why do you think it is important to get a large following on your blog?

·       Having a large following makes you feel more productive and wanted for doing something enjoyable and opens up other opportunities.

·       It can be great especially if having a large following inspires you to put out good content regularly

·       I don't think it's necessarily important, I just feel that it is nice to get recognised for your hard work.

·       I'd rather a smaller following and more engagement. That being said I guess it's important as it means your reaching more people

·       I want my blog to reach girls who are at a transition point in their life. I also hope to be able to call myself an influencer one day.

·       Having a large blog following isn't important at all. Focus on your content and your returning readers

·       I feel as if as long as I write and create things I’m proud of it shouldn’t matter how many readers I have

·       I think it's important because the more people you have read your blog, the more you want to keep posting & improving what you produce.

3) How do you think new bloggers can get real engagement on their blog posts?

·       I mainly post my blog on twitter with #hashtag & #facebook. I also try to reply to all comments & read other #blogs #fblchat

·       Find their niche and interact with similar blogs. It takes time but its worth it.

·       Build up a rapport on social media & being real/true! No point commenting on posts that don't interest you just for the sake of it.

·       Try to be consistent and don't expect them to stumble upon you So engage on social media and share stuff.

·       Writing for passion and not for views will make you genuinely enjoy blogging, the engagement will follow!

·       Be yourself and write about what you want. Also join in twitter chats.

·       New bloggers can get engagement just like everyone else: schedule tweets, engage, be part of the community

·       I think its important to blog regularly, blog what is important too you I think Wordpress its better for a following 

·       Social media referrals are a big traffic for me.

·       Keeping their posts unique not following the crowd & giving each post a purpose. Being consistent is key too

·       Cross promoting on social channels & making sure you interact with readers who leave comments

4) Do you know of any bloggers who get engagement right?

·       @QueenBeady does IG engagement extremely well. She's incredible at promoting and helping others! 

·       @blogabtnothing1 @justauni4orm@KasieBeauty @_beccawhiting @Aysh_tmb@love_lippy @LoveRosiee1 @hayley_colleen@lovelibbyxx so many #fblchat

·       I think @Hannahfgale and @Wonderful_U get engagement right #fblchat

Don’t forget to join us for our next #Fblchat next week when we talk about YouTube, Tuesdays at 8pm on Twitter!

Chelcie Nicole Moore @chelcienicolem

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