Halloween has become a festive occasion this year that is being celebrated by people all over the world. The season has taken on a new meaning for bloggers with everyone trying to outdo each other by creating the most unique content for Halloween. This week’s FBL Chat looked at Halloween and what it meant to the blogging community.

Happy Halloween! How are all of you celebrating tonight?

·       Happy Halloween. I'm celebrating by watching a football match whilst curled up on the sofa with trick or treat sweets.

·       Handing out candy with the family. #spooky

·       We've just come back to Germany after a long weekend at home in Manchester so chilling out on the sofa watching TV!

·       Happy Halloween! I’m just chilling this evening having a nice cosy autumn meal.

·       I’ve decided it’s the perfect night to start rewatching #GameOfThrones from the start - so on theme!  #halloweengrinch

·       Getting my spooky fix tonight by binge watching #StrangerThingsS2 and eating lots of sweets.

·       Taking my brother trick or treating! I've done it since he was little and I love it!

·       Today is my Mom's birthday and we are gonna take her out dinner, open gifts and eat candy! 

·       Watching Jumanji. It's a tradition I started with my Nan and despite her no longer being here, I still do it.

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What are your favourite blog posts to read about Halloween?



·       I love seeing everyone's Halloween costumes! I'm not one to dress up but I love seeing everyone else. 


·       Halloween baking is always one I love. People get really creative.

·       I enjoy seeing how create people get with their costumes, especially family costumes.

·       Halloween style treats and desserts! Some bloggers seriously come up with the cutest ideas.

·       I love Halloween make up posts. @Zoella is one of my faves to read when it comes to festive style posts, she gets stuck right in!

·       Home decor and Halloween recipes

·       Ooo beauty posts! Seen so many amazing Halloween makeup looks! 

What makes Halloween special to you?

·       Watching Hocus Pocus every Halloween with my sister but now my baby nephews join in too.

·       Just the fact it's Mom's birthday & all those years of Halloween growing up she put my siblings & me first now we get return the favour.

·       Growing up, I loved spending it with my family! Now that I live too far away I spend it with my friends, which is just as nice.

·       Am super excited to have my first Halloween with my grandkids. Can't wait to see what costumes my daughter picked out for the twins.

·       Being able to help my brother with his costume. We've done for a couple of years, it brings us closer together <3

·       Just being able to spend it with my family. I've been away for 5 years, but I'm living in the area again.

·       Would have to be seeing all everyone get into it with costumes and candy and watching films. Love that it brings people together.

·       Watching horror films with my partner every year love it!

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What is your favourite scary movie?

·       I mean I wouldn’t say favourite but Annabelle scared the hell out of me 😩 #FBLChat

·       The Babadook! it is TERRIFYING! 

·       I don't do scary films. Can just about cope with Jumanji. I've seen The Woman In Black twice and that frightens me quite a lot. 

·       Does the Nightmare Before Christmas count?

·       Freddie Krueger movies, all of them gave me nightmares.

·       The Saw movies! That creepy clown though!

·       I love horror films but my favourite is Texas Chainsaw Massacre, me and my partner saw it on our first date. #weirdiknow 

·       Hellraiser

·       So many to choose from but as a family we always get together and watch the classics like Halloween and Friday the 13th.

·       For some reason the Annabelle series.

·       Wait just remembered, I like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" that is a classic for my brother, sister and me! 

·       I could watch "Scream" thousands time and never get bored.

·       I'd say The Exorcist is one of my top ones. I did a blog on top scary films if you're looking for inspo. #FBLChat ldnrose.com/2017/10/21/top…

·       The Ring. I couldn’t sleep for a week! 

Share with us your favourite Halloween traditions?

·       We got 2 Disney pumpkins from Florida when we were children. Still light them every year, they are 17 years old now.

·       Don't really have traditions as such. Just go with the flow. 

·       Every year I buy myself a glass pumpkin from @HomesenseUK as a little treat to myself. 

·       Carving pumpkins with the family. Always a fun tradition.

We hope you enjoyed our FBL Chat this week. We will be taking a break from the chat for the next couple of weeks but will be back on Tuesday 21st November at 8pm. Let us know on twitter what you want us to talk about next!


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