Blogging Scandals

This month seems to be the month of blogging scandals with some big bloggers being discussed on our twitter feeds for various reasons. Over at #FBLChat we have been following them with great interest and wondering just what makes these blogging scandals so appealing. Catch up with our chat below and let us know what you think. 

Q1) Why do you blogging scandals become so big on twitter?

  • I think because of the retweet system on twitter. Is so easy for something to be shared and to be seen by everyone! 
  • 99% of the time, it gets out of hand and one opinion rolls into multiple. I think bloggers are protective of our community so if anyone represents negatively (e.g. the fur coat issue), we have a right to stand up + make our voices heard.
  • I think because things can be shared so easily on here, especially with retweets, that it's so simple for something to blow up really quickly! 
  • News spreads quickly in a community so vast, most people know or have heard of each other in the community!
  • Twitter makes it so easy to share things in a second. Things get around so quickly on Twitter and I’d say that’s the biggest reason why ‘scandals’ get so big - things spread around the blogging community SO fast.
  • Because its so easy for somebody to retweet things that it only takes a few minutes for it to reach a huge audience.
  • I think the blogging community are an opinionated bunch and things can be widely misinterpreted over social media! I also agree with the others about the retweeting - so easily done! 
  • I also think that lots of people find it difficult to accept that others have different views. Things often seem to become personal and can lead to individuals feeling even more strongly.
  • Unfortunately, yes. I love Twitter. But it’s also the social media I regretfully see the most “hate” on. It’s great to see people sharing their opinions, but I think there is a fine line between criticism and bullying! 

Q2) As a blogger, do you think it is important to know about blogging scandals? 

  • I’m not interested in the drama, I tend to avoid it and stay out of it.
  • I think it’s important to be clued-in and know what’s happening. Whether you’re a fan of the ‘big’ bloggers/YouTubers or not - I think we can learn a lot from their mistakes. 
  • I see the drama on my timeline and I continually scroll past it 🙄. It's extremely boring and when hundreds of people focus on one person, it's horrible. 
  • Don't think it's important. It's more important that people remember to be kind & don't start bashing someone because of something they've read/seen. There's a fine line between expressing your opinion to someone & bullying someone.
  • As a blogger I don't see it as being important at all. I try to stay away from the drama where I can.
  • I'm usually oblivious to the drama and I like it that way. It's stupid to bring someone down and spend days trash talking another blogger on twitter. I tend to mute any drama on twitter.
  • Yes it's okay to be aware, but I'm not sure I'll want to get involved. It's too stressful.
  • People are quite quick to go as far as tell people to kill themselves. Very heartless and it makes you question how people can be so blunt to a stranger online (or anyone, really)
  • No, tbh I don't even read it, I feel most of it is just childish petty behaviour and there are bigger things going on in the world. I just do me and focus on positivity, I'm here to enjoy my blog and the community.

Q3:What really annoys you about blogging scandals?

  • People bringing up past events. It's okay to talk about the current scandal, but why draw out things from the past? We're all humans we've made mistakes.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I really like social media - but I do think it’s encouraged an element of ‘competition’ amongst young girls.
  • Everyone jumps on the bandwagon and attacks one person. If someone privately DM'd to discuss their opinion to the person in the wrong, there would be no drama 🙌🏻. It doesn't make you a good person for calling someone out.
  • The whole ‘it was tweeted so it must be true!’ attitude. I think people should take the time to reflect and think before they share and comment. Accusing people wrongly when it came to Instagram bots is a huge example of that! People jumped on it SO quickly.
  • The fact that it often seems to resort to a mass-amount of people sending aggressive tweets to one person. I don’t even like seeing them on my feed, so god knows how that person must feel! 
  • Nothing really. It's not worth getting annoyed over. Nothing to do with moi 🙅🏻 But I don't like seeing people getting ripped apart. That's really nasty. 
  • That everyone believes what they read on social media and jumps on it. This whole dramatic tweets for a re-tweet really irks me. People's feelings are involved and they just want to be tweetafamous.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but people seem to jump in without considering that there are usually two sides to a story. That seems to be when things get nasty. Just seems so unnecessary & I can't understand why people want to encourage unpleasantness. 
  • People jumping on the bandwagon of hatred and using it as an excuse to say awful things about others. ie. "I've always thought she was a (insert horrible word/s here) and now everyone knows

Q4: Do you think there is an easier way for bloggers to tackle reputation issues?

  • This is a tricky one. On the one hand, it’s very respectful for them to publicly address the issue and try to “straighten things out”. On the other hand, it only lets more people know about them and can encourage an endless string of hate tweets etc.
  • Don't do it publicly, especially over a small issue. Try to resolve it like you'd resolve something at work--professionally and respectfully. Remember everyone is human and has feelings.
  • if it's a genuine mistake, apologise and move on.
  • Firstly things should be tackled privately. There's no need to publicly bash people. And if that does happen then address it ASAP & move on. 
  • Yes but then some person always ends up making a statement about your apology or misunderstanding and boom you get a barrage of hate mails.
  • Yes but then some person always ends up making a statement about your apology or misunderstanding and boom you get a barrage of hate mails.
  • Don't publicly bash people online - you wouldn't do it on a shop floor or an office floor it's the same thing. Just be respectable decent human beings please
  • Don't publicly bash people online - you wouldn't do it on a shop floor or an office floor it's the same thing. Just be respectable decent human beings please

Q5) Do you get involved in blogging scandals? Explain.

  • Personally would never take it public. DM or email privately would be the best option. There is no need to drag everyone else in to it.
  • If it's a issue about something like human/animal rights, I may retweet something in support of those fighting against it. But I won't go out and witch hunt people over personal disagreements
  • Nope! I avoid at all costs! I’m just here for funny gifs and sharing the love and support!
  • I avoid them. There's too much drama and the negativity isn't good for ones mental health. 

We hope you enjoyed this week's chat. Don't forget #fblchat takes place every Tuesday at 8pm!