New Year, New Blog.. FBL Chat returns!

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New Year, new starts. Let's face it, we have all heard this a million times before. We all start with the greatest of intentions at the start of the year and guiltily, pretend we didn't make these resolutions back in January. Blogs have a similar tendency to be full of new posts at the start of the year and then begin to wane as real life sets in. This week's FBLChat looked at what being a blogger means to us and what we are desperate to do to make a change to our blogs this year.

1)   How is blogging going for everyone? Are you still enjoying it as much as when you first started?

·       Blogging is slowly on an up. Loving it more now I'm getting to grips with it :) 

·       Not really hey. Instagram has taken over and I feel like people would rather check your instagram page than your actual blog. However, I'm still enjoying but not as much.

·       Haha! Oops! I feel like I've been busy too, but I've been doing barely anything! I'm still recovering from Christmas!

·       It does! It helped me find myself during a time when I was feeling very lost, and it's helped me build a really wonderful circle of friends! 

·       Been trying to find more time to create posts, but with an 11-month-old it's been a little tough. Will eventually find a balance that works! 

·       Yes hey. Building my instagram is the way to go now. The blog will still be there, but the focus will be 70% on Instagram and 30% on the blog

·       I recently rebranded my blog and am trying to post more consistently although right now that isn't going well. But I love blogging ! I'm currently trying to reach my goal of 100 email subscribers to my blog, which is definitely harder to obtain than it looks. 

·       I’m taking each day as it comes really, this is my third attempt at blogging, but I seem to be enjoying it more this time.

·       Hope I'm not too late. I'm enjoying blogging. I'm just about to hit my 2year anniversary since I started mine and I am still loving it. Yeah it does get me down sometime, but just need to not put so much pressure on things. 

·       Same! I have a 15 month old and with her running around and knocking everything over it can be hard to sit down and write up a blog post. But I wouldn't change any of it. I'm trying to write once she goes to bed. 

·       I actually get a decent amount of traffic to my blog from Instagram, so I always try to make sure that my blog is up to date with new content, while I'm constantly taking pictures for Instagram! It's all about finding that perfect balance.

·       I am but at the same time I'm still finding it oversaturated, so I'm trying to reflect and refresh my content.


2)   What demotivates you most about blogging?

·       I’d love to work with brands but most look at stats. My stats are great though I try hard.

·       Going through bloggers block and not being inspired.

·       Usually my own pressure really. If the weather doesn't allow me to take photos that totally gets me down, but I'm learning to not get so uptight about it. 

·       Seeing people complain about fulltime bloggers being paid to feature an item. They're making money doing something they love. That's awesome! It's goals. Support it.

·       The lack of diversity.

·       Having no ideas, and seeing such low view count! Know it shouldn’t be about the views but it hurts when you’ve worked so hard on something for it to feel ‘lost’.

·       Same here girl! I've reached out to a couple of brands but numbers are always their first priority, sadly. But we'll get there!

·       I’m a bit hit and miss with blogging, every so often I just need a break then I feel totally refreshed again!

·       I'm literally my own worst enemy when it comes to it! Thinking nothing that I write is good and then getting sucked into comparing myself to other bloggers who have been doing this for much longer than I am. I have to remind myself it's a process!

·       Getting caught up in stats.

·       When people follow & unfollow you it's frustrating. Especially when you want to reach a certain goal. That can be demotivating.

·       Bloggers block is so real. When I’m feeling inspired I make lists of posts and they sometimes get me through bloggers block.

·       I think sometimes I feel micro bloggers like myself get over-looked and that not all bloggers share the micro blogger love. Big bloggers love big bloggers. Newbie bloggers want to be big bloggers.. What about the middle guys!

·       The pressure everyone puts on themselves to hit numbers and keep producing content when things get busy/life gets in the way. Content = passion and this perspective makes it a bit demotivating sometimes as it definitely adds pressure!

·       I've been thinking of setting up a weekly or biweekly newsletter with exclusive content for those that subscribe to my blog.

·       I think I enjoy it more now because I don't put pressure on myself to post and I write more posts about things that concern me 

·       Being terrible at SEO and all the technical stuff

·       I agree! I've had my blog for seven years, and whilst it's not a big beast - it's always there whether I can give it my full attention or five minutes of my time in between work. It's like a companion that's always there and best enjoyed when there's no pressure!

·       Was just in a brand meeting with a client through work today though, and there are a lot of brands wanting to work with content producers who produce shit hot content and have engaged audiences. We just need to keep doing what we love and they'll turn away from this metric.

·       I know it shouldn't be about the numbers, but when you've worked hard on a post & the view count is low. I sometimes feel like my posts just aren't reaching many people.

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3)   What is the one thing you will do differently or change on your blog this year?

·       Focus more on traffic growth and maybe redo the pictures so it looks better #fblchat

·       CANNOT WAIT for summer. Daylight til 9pm is literally every blogger's dream!

·       Prep! Plan ahead and forecast post opportunities

·       I've already changed my layout but I want to do more collaborations with other bloggers.

·       I want to improve my photography & post better photos on my blog. I also want to do more reviews etc. 

·       If you have wordpress, there's a great plug-in that makes SEO amazingly easy! I used to be so bad at it, but this plug-in helped massively, and I'm actually seeing more page views too! It's called Yoast! 

·       I want to expand on my video capabilities and just create better content overall. 

·       I definitely need to be more consistent with my posts which is what I'm working on this year 

·       Be more consistent with my posting schedule and improve my photography skills.

·       Thinking to create an Instagram page for it. Currently I use Twitter & FB but I hear so much about the Instagram algorithm that I wonder if there's any point?

·       Me too! I've been using Yoast, which is a free plugin you can get if you're on Wordpress. It's very helpful and will tell you how you can improve your blog post as you write it.

·       Focus on producing content that I would want to read rather than following trends! That and make use of the Tailwind App which seems to have made a decent impact on my Insta engagement already!

·       Make my move over to lifestyle complete, look into moving away from blogger and post more! No biggies.

·       Agreed! I knew nothing about SEO until I started using the Yoast plugin, and their blog/newsletter has really useful tips too

·       Try to find a real niche and create better content!!

·       I'm not blogging for the sake of blogging any more. I'm only posting when I have something constructive to say & am 100% happy with how everything's written.



4)   What is your ultimate blogging goal?

·       I always find this hard to answer but probably to make a difference, work with some amazing brands and score a press trip to Fiji to write about the 10 uses of coconuts.

·       Share more of my travels openly and be honest in my writing. I feel like my tone changes for the audience and I’m trying not to do that. 

·       I don't really know to be honest. It would be fantastic if it could ever replace my day job, but just to keep enjoying it and have the same enthusiasm I have years down the line. 

·       To travel for a living and share my stories with the world. I live to travel and nothing else would make me happier. 

·       The real goal for me is not to become a full time blogger like most but just to be open to more opportunities for meeting new people.

·       I would love to maybe make an income from blogging but ultimately, I just want to continue doing something that I enjoy.

·       To earn a decent income from it. I took the plunge to go freelance last September as a content writer so it feels like a natural progression. 

·       My goal is to make the people who read my blog smile.

·       Overall I want to connect with readers, build a community and absolutely be able to make money from it one day! I don't know what this space will look like even five years down the line but I'm definitely excited about it!

·       To continue to enjoy what I do and meet more new people if I end up making money then so be it.

·       To share my experiences, and break the stigma surrounding mental health 😊

·       To meet other bloggers and youtubers who are in the same place and still building/establishing themselves.

5)   What will you do differently as a result of this chat?

·       I’m definitely going to go self-hosted after some great advice! 

·       Read more, comment more, blog more. Not particularly in that order. 

·       Try support others where poss - lots of talented people that need cheerleaders out there!

·       Try and connect with other bloggers more, be okay with the fact that I only blog when it fits in with a hectic, busy life and to continue to enjoy blogging.

·       It's reminded me that I need to communicate with others on here and not just lurk, scrolling for hours and hours on end haha.

·       Read more, write more, engage more, collab more, basically do MORE.

Don't forget to tune into FBLChat next week Tuesday at 8pm. 

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