#FBLCHAT: Working with brands


When you ask a room full of bloggers what their blogging moment would be when they would know that they have made it, they would say that it is when their favourite brand contacts them and offers to work with them. Let’s face it, we all know that it is not as easy as that and it can take years of hard thankless work before a brand even notices your content. Let alone asks you to work with them and shock* actually pay you for it.

This week’s FBL Chat looked at working with bloggers.

Q1: Tell us about whether you have worked with brands and how was your experience?

·         A1. Yes, I have (with some great brands) but some of them have left me very mixed feelings. I still feel like many brands take advantage of smaller bloggers #fblchat

·         yes, it´s insane what they expect us bloggers to do for basically nothing. We put so much work into our blogs! #fblchat

·         The worst is: 'will you please review this on your social media' ... One receipt of the product you then get asked for follow links, a full blog post, set text, social media coverage and everything else in Mary Poppins bag

·         Yeah, it should be explicitly stated what the agreement is, and asking for more seems a bit pushy! #fblchat

·         Yes I have! It was really lovely, the brands were all very patient, kept me up to date with their process of working with bloggers and were very thankful that I also wanted to work with them #fblchat

·         The absolute dream brands are @CTilburyMakeup,@benefitgermany, @PIXIBeauty, but I‘d also currently love to work with smaller brands like @DavinesOfficial #fblchat

·         I have never worked with any brands but I did get an email last year from a brand but sadly I saw the email 6 months later. #fblchat

·         I worked with a brand once, and they were absolutely lovely! Also have had some correspondence with a few others, they weren't always as kind (not responding after a few mails back and forth). But have a few exciting things coming up! So that's good :)

·         A1. I have worked with @MapleHolistics and it was awesome and I love and recommend their products. I worked with @ScratchofSweden and now 3 years later I am working as their Head of Marketing, Sales and Distribution for the USA :-) #fblchat


Q2) How do you go about approaching a brand for a collaboration?

·         I send them an email introducing myself, I usually put forward my idea for the collaboration & I always provide examples of my writing work. Not just the posts on my website but also the marketing work I've done. Think that it's SO important to do this. #fblchat

·         A2: send over an introduction of myself and my blog-media kits help! I’ve done a whole blog post on it http://thebloglancer.co.uk/8tipsprs/  if it helps! #fblchat

·         I did a request via twitter and FB for brands to work with for a Christmas gift guide - I was specifically looking for handmade so made sure I was featuring the right people. Otherwise I rely on people approaching me #fblchat

·         I don't like approaching them unless we're on an influencer/brand platform. If I do approach them it's because they really impress me or I really respect their ethics and how they treat their employees and customers. #fblchat

·         You email them, introduce yourself, be kind and treat them like a human #fblchat

Q3: Do you think brands are receptive to working with micro bloggers?

·         I feel like most just want to work with people who have bigger followings #fblchat

·         Thats what I thought as well, that’s why I’m trying to create great quality content first and increase my following then approach brands when I have met their criteria

·         A3. It's all about quality over quantity which is what I always reiterate on my beauty blog. There more great content you put out the more people will notice. Numbers don't matter, content does! #fblchat

·         Think it depends on the brand & their mentality. Do they want someone with 20K followers & low engagement or someone with 2000 followers & high engagement? #fblchat

·         I’ve not had anyone say I’ve not got a lot of followers yet but don’t tend to approach the big brands whilst I’m still low key. I like to think my quality posts make up for my lack of following. I’m passionate about what I blog about & will only work with brands that fit my niche

·         Some more, and some less but I think they‘re all slowly getting better and actually look at the content aswell instead of just the follower numbers! Xx #fblchat

·         A3: Usually no but if a micro blogger is able to deliver unique and targeted content, they might work - but again its tough #fblchat

·         I feel they rather work with bigger influencers because it brings them more coverage. And of course it’s true, but I feel it’s unfair


Q4: How do you go about pitching to brands? #fblchat

·         A4. I haven't yet but I think it'd be good to go to them with a few ideas that you have on how to work with them. That way they have a choice and see that you're full of creativity #fblchat

·         yes, exactly. You have to go in with the mindset that they have no clue who you are - so you kind of have to sell yourself & why they should work with you! #fblchat

·         I haven't done it yet, but I like to think that I'll use media kits to "promote my work" and prove my creativity. I want to come in with ideas and show my motivation!

·         Try and find out a contact I should be addressing, learning a bit about their products if not already familiar and send an email. I give them a link to my blog which contains details of my following and what I can offer. I say I am happy to work with them. I never expect freebies

·         A4. My first and only pitch was sent throught @instagram DM and because my profile has a link to my blog which has links to my social media, all the info they are seeking is right there. I would like a stat sheet though, but not yet #fblchat


Q5: What do you think is the future of working with brands? #fblchat

·         I think brands need to widen the beauty colour ranges & tailor products to women & men of colour .As more people of colour move to western countries .And as #Africa economy rises,those women & men will need products .#fblchat

·         With all of the brands constantly developing there will be continuous opportunities. They key is to STAND OUT & stop blending in. Slide through the DM and pitch yourself #fblchat

·         I think ignoring the recent bad press blogging has received, that companies realise we are a great resource to have and will utilise that. They just need to learn, like them, we all start off small and we need to work together to help each other out.

·         I think brands eventually learnt from their past mistakes, and understand that smaller influencers are just as good to work with for them than bigger ones. Fingers crossed, that'll come sooner than later.

·         I think brands will learn to appreciate bloggers even more! They will see that our personalise will actually be good for them and that interactions are more important than numbers (or at least that's what I hope!)

·         I'm hoping it will turn into climbing up with influencers that supported them from the beginning and like everyone helping everyone and it not relying so much on follower numbers.

·         Think there will be a lot more opportunities. However, I think there will also be a lot more people wanting to work with brands. So it's all about standing out from the crowd.

Thank you for joining us on the chat, don’t forget to join us on Tuesdays at 8pm for our next one!