#FBLCHAT: The Instagram Problem

 Instagram seems to have become a real thorn when it comes to engagement and trying to gain a real following on personal accounts. The algorithm has long been debated with bloggers urging the platform to bring back the chronological feed and switch back to the way it used to be. This week’s FBLChat looks at the Instagram problem and whether the platform still holds a future for bloggers.

Q1) What is your biggest problem with Instagram right now? #fblchat

·       Visibility, I haven't seen some people's posts in over a month, I don't want to see posts from 3 days ago. It defeats the purpose of Instagram #fblchat

·       The follow/unfollow culture. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I totally stopped using Instagram ages ago #FBLChat

·       My engagement has gone done so much that I am starting to wonder why they are changing everything. This algorithm of how posts are seen are killing me and the accts I manage. #fblchat

·       OMG! exactly. Like why do they think that this okay! Like really! Who's idea was it to change everything to chronological order.

·       My follower growth is sloooooow.

·       I totally agree. Sometimes I see posts from 6 days ago! And they're ones I've already seen because I've gone onto the profile to look. I think it's so hard to grow an organic following too #fblchat

·       The fact you can't link in captions I put on pics to promote recent posts but can't link the relevant one to it :( #fblchat

·       I keep getting ‘f4f’ comments on my posts! #fblchat

·       Not being able to see my followers most recent upload! It's so annoying that I miss out on friends and family posts. #fblchat

·       Yeah it's awful. I never follow people back if I'm not into their account. Instagram is supposed to be for inspiration and that's all I want on my feed #fblchat

·       Getting my posts seen! It also doesn’t help that my feed is full of images from 4/5 days ago. X

·       My biggest problem with Instagram, and the reason I don't use it, is because of their ridiculous, unnecessary and wrongful #censorship while having inadequate avenues for appeals. Their censorship is often ludicrous and often gender-biased. #FBLchat

·       Yeah and it's so annoying that only those with 10k+ can link in stories!! #fblchat

·       Wait, seriously? They've actually restricted a section to a follower number when they could have asked for payment? Not that I want to pay for it, it just seems... weird, for a money hungry company. #fblchat

·       It suits them having an algorithm so they can serve the interests of advertisers! That’s what Facebook and Instagram need to survive! #fblchat

·       Insta has just deteriorated for me, love my content but it’s impossible to grow, engagement sucks but it seems everyone around me is doing amazingly #fblchat

·       @instagram used to have potential but now I am using it more for the stories because you can be seen at least for 24 hours, your followers will see it and some people tha tyou do not know will see it if you use a hashtag! #fblchat

Q2) What do you think needs to be done to change Instagram for the better? #fblchat

·       With an algorithm they can guarantee ads that are payed for through Instagram or Facebook have more visibility. A chronological algorithm would have an ad disappear much quicker!

·       @instagram needs to go back to 2013 when it was good and it was new and it was easy to follow and see who you liked and who you did not.

·       @instagram needs to stop with the algorithms. I follow tons of awesome people but physically have to visit their pages or I don't see their new posts and they don't see mine. #fblchat

·       I want genuine interaction from my followers so I only follow people I am genuinely drawn to and want to interact with #fblchat

·       I've been doing social media profile development since I was 17 and then when instagram came about in 2012-2013 i started to help others then. I love the IG story feature but I hate that they have turned to Facebook and now see of us as money and not people! Capitalism!

·       Go back to the chronological order, possibly have feeds for businesses/bloggers etc? #fblchat

·       I think if Instagram could guarantee that at least 20/30% of your following actually are your content as it is posted. Atm 10% of my following see my content and days later! Also please no hashtag algorithm! But it’s started already! #fblchat

·       I somewhat agree but it should stay business and personal accounts for data insights only. When you switch to a business acct you have more features unlike with the personal acct. #fblchat

·       The top 9 amongst hashtags are in an algorithm now. So you see what Instagram thinks you want to see rather than the most popular photos! It’s only a matter of time before hashtags are out of chronological order too!

·       If you think of it like that then you will never have much to share. Share your recent posts, walk people through what you blog is about. You have to be creative doll. Trust and believe that I am busy and boring but I can always Create What People Want #fblchat

Q3) Why do you think Instagram has made it so difficult for people to gain a following? #fblchat

·       I don’t think that’s necessarily Instagrams fault directly. I think the algorithm has made people resort to bots and buying followers as it is so hard to gain a genuine following. People trying to gain a huge following with zero work are the issue! #fblchat

·       I don't think that they are trying to make it difficult, they simple saw an opportunity to make people pay to be seen. Hence suggesting that people switch to a business acct to see insights &the potential to reach a larger audience by hinting at sponsored posts #fblchat

·       feel like they are trying to support the verified accounts. Are they trying to discourage those of us trying to make a living? I don't know... #fblchat

·       They aren’t doing it because Instagram engagement has grown ridiculously since introducing the algorithm. People are using it more than ever. Instagram won’t go back because now they make more money, it’s very simple. #fblchat

·       I don't think it has done that on purpose. I think it probably came as a side effect of other choices they have made for other reasons. Like, maybe if you can't predict your timeline, sponsored posts fit in better. #fblchat

·       Exactly! It's about the mighty dollar. Zuckerberg zeroed in on what worked for Facebook, saw how big of a monster Instagram was becoming and bought them. Now they are locking in on what worked with Facebook! #fblchat

Q4) What do you hope for the future of Instagram? #fblchat

·       my hope is that @instagram relies on natural engagement. Only companies should have paid ads, etc. In the future, money shouldn't be a driving force #fblchat

·       A continuation of a supportive community, I have a lovely group of women who comment and like my photos everyday and I genuinely see them as my friends #fblchat

·       That it would listen to its users & treat everyone fairly as well. It sucks that certain benefits are only available to those with a higher following #fblchat

·       I hope we can get a chronological feed back but I doubt that will happen. Other ham that I hope it stays a creative and friendly space for everyone! It’s my number one place for inspiration! #fblchat

·       That it will be a platform that everyone can benefit from and enjoy again #fblchat

Q5: Do you think it is important for your instagram to have a theme? #fbclhat

·       Maybe colour is your theme! Have you seen @justauni4orm her instagram feed is a colour lover's dream! #fblchat

·       We have a theme and it’s just a creative choice. I think Instagram feeds can be beautiful with our without a strict theme! #fblchat

·       Nope, I prefer to just post photos about my day etc plus I know I'd fail at creating a theme! #fblchat

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