#FBLCHAT: Instagram Food Trends

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 This week’s FBLChat looked at the instagram and in particular the daily food trends that seem to be changing every single day. One moment we are meant to be loving avocado on toast and living our best life. The next, veganism becomes the next big trend - it is like we just can’t catch a break! If you missed our chat, read on all about the Instagram food trends that are getting us riled up.

Q1) What instagram food fads are you sick of hearing about? 

·       I actually dont mind them. They are kind of fun to see 

·       Chips and pizza! All I see everywhere is chips and pizza!!

·       Actually none of them. I love seeing yummy food - it inspires me to cook more delicious food & try out more .

·       I don't mind them they just always make me hungry 

·       yeah that's my problem too. Looking at Insta always makes me insanely hungry 😋 but at least I then now what I'm hungry for

Q2) Do you think there is a real problem with food shaming on instagram?              

·       I have honestly seen no food shaming at all. Are people shamed for the food they eat or for the way they share it? 

·       Not in my experience. Though, those that I follow are mostly pushing supplement products.

·       I personally don't think so. However, I don't look at food much as I'm vegan and all I usually see is meat or fish.

·       I notice there is quite a number of bloggers who are vegan. I don’t think I shall ever become one though. 

·       That's true. There is a lot of meat featured on Insta. I do see lots of yummy vegan foods too though - they usually inspire me more

·       I adore seeing vegan foods on instagram, it makes me so happy and hungry! 

·       me too! Especially if they share the recipes too - it immediately makes me want to jump into my kitchen

Q3) What was the last instagram food trend that you fell for? 

·       I've just started back at Insta after a 7 month break so I'm really not up with trends right now 

·       I am not one to do trends. I just watch from a distance

·       We tried making a massive macaron once & utterly failed. It was very delicious mush though. 

Q4) How do you think food should be portrayed on instagram?

·       Great food Pics are always good to see

·       It should be seen at its best that way everyone benefits 

·       Because some of it is so aesthetically pleasing and everyone loves food!  

Q5) Why do you think food has become such a big trend when it comes to instagram photos?

·       they just draw your eye towards them & you want to know more about it. And like other people said they make you hungry

·       I think so many people actually love food! I mean obviously we have to eat to survive so there's a natural love for food but for most of us it goes even further I think 

·        Food should be portrayed with a bit of cultural background. Like that Chinese celebration where they show people slaughtering and eating dogs is one that I will never understand. Educate Us before You Put These On Our Timeline 

·       I have yet to actually try one that's not completely mushy. I'm always way too afraid if they're made without dairy

Q6) What do you hope for the future of food on instagram and how it is portrayed? 

·       Evening! Late to the party! I’d say food & health definitely add the colour & diversity needed for a good feed... hi all!

·       A5. People are always looking for the best restaurants or ideas for dinner so with these photos and geotagging people are able to find what they are seeking. 

·       Food should be portrayed on instagram as just a part of life, something we all need to survive, and thus something we can celebrate. I think putting pictures of food on Instagram gives it a new light as art. 

·       Food is trending on instagram because people are looking for ways to make it better and more interesting as we as a society move toward more and more healthy lifestyle trends. 

·       I agree. Great for inspiration in the eve too & break the mound from the norm.

Thank you for joining us on the FBLChat and don’t forget to join us next Tuesday at 8pm.