#FBLCHAT: Secrets to good skincare


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With the weather being in constant flux, it is no wonder that our skin and hair are both showing signs of serious suffering. It feels like winter has gone on for eons and we have to talk about the skincare and what we need to be doing to take care of ourselves to be summer ready, if it ever arrives. This week’s FBLChat looks at the secrets to good skincare.

Q1: How important is good skincare to you? 

·       Very important! My skin goes terribly dry and red if I don't keep up a regular routine

·       So important! I changed my routine and haven't really looked back

·       I´d like to say it´s super important but that would be lying. I'm working on it though! 

·       Using more 'natural' products. So started with lush, but sort of make my own face serum with coconut oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil. Seems to be making a huge improvement to my skin 

·       Anything to reduce the signs of ageing!!! (not that it is a bad thing)

·       I can't seem to find one that completely fits my skin. And trying so many different products is also hard on my skin! 

·       Super important! I spend more money on skincare products than I do on make up!

·       Good skincare is very important to me - especially because I have dry & sensitive skin. It just makes me feel more confident if I’ve got a solid skincare routine!

Q2: What is the best skincare tip anyone has given you? 

·       I was told about skin mapping which can give you hints as to why you’re breaking out based on break out locations. Helps you to be specific in treatment and solution. 

·       Remove makeup before going to bed. Your face will feel so much better for it in the morning! Your pillow will be cleaner too! 

·       I can't even go to bed with makeup on. I've never done that - it feels so gross to me 

·       If you've got multiple layers of skincare products, layer it from lightest to heaviest! So serums first followed by the heavier creams and gels 

·     Drinking lots of water! It honestly helps a lot with my skin & clears it up so much! Also my lips don't feel as dry with lots of water!

·       This is what I am trying to work on. Some days are better than others with the amount I drink .

·       That my break outs were a result of what I was putting into my body or stress. So I changed my eating habits (less dairy) and tried to stress less.

·       "Prevention is better than cure" - anti ageing tip! 

·       A2 drink a lot water and eat fruit vegetables 

·       Use sunscreen! I can't stress it enough. I try to limit direct sun exposure as well esp since I live down under! 

·       It doesn't matter how tired I am, I always take my makeup off. I don't if it is a little nap in the afternoon though! 

·       best skincare tip I’ve received is to wash your face every day, especially your makeup! Never sleep with a face full of products! 

·       ALWAYS cleanse then tone then moisturise and then moisturise AGAIN. Also NEVER apply downwards - it induces wrinkles. Start at the chin and sweep upwards. It’s like an instant face lift.

Q3: What has been your favourite skincare product discovery that you have made recently?  

·       I’ve started using an oil cleanser instead of a soapy gel one for my skin and my face has never felt better! Melts my makeup straight off without stripping my skin 😍

·       recently I discovered the bubblegum lip scrub from @LushLtd and I absolutely love it - I know it’s not quite skin care category though! Other than that, I love the @PalmersUK website face moisturiser. I only came across it recently!#fblchat

·       I’ve recently discovered an organic line out of @VillaFloriani they have amazing products!

·       The Aloe Vera 92% gel from Nature Republic has been a life-saver for my family this Summer. My hubby and mum-in-law had sunburn and 2nd-degree burns recently and that gel healed their burns in a couple of days. I also use it as a mask and is amazing as skin care as well! 

·       my favourite at the moment is Bulldog moisturiser #FBLCHAT listen to me commenting on face products whatever next 

·       Hand cream from @TheBodyShopUK Frosted berries flavour. It smells so good and really moisturises my hands

·       Burts Bees have some great products!

·       @RENskincare flash defence anti pollution mist 😍 I love it!! 

·       Deciem proucts, I love them! And oil rather than cream #deciem @deciemchatroom 

·       Probably the Daily Solution from The Body Shop Tea Tree Range. I freaking love that range!

·       I love #PalmOil & #coconutoil@fashbeautylife .its cheap and works for my dry #skin 

·       I use an oil cleanser, and I have to agree. Only problem is trying to clean the face cloth after! 

·       Well I guess there are added ingredients that are not natural in them. I use a few of the fresh items, which I assume have fewer preservatives in them

·       I use ultrabland by lush or just plain coconut oil 

·       I use the sanctuary spa ultimate cleansing oil from Boots ☺️ it’s got a blend of loads of different oils (won’t lie it smells weird but it’s BOMB)

·       Witch hazel has seriously changed my skin! It's been an amazing product, is cheap, and is soothing.

Q4: Which bloggers do you rely on for skincare advice?

·       @toriveggietaco @beautydosehq@fashbeautylife I use ultrabland by lush or just plain coconut oil 

·       I typically look to those who follow natural *organic* skin care routines and those who follow the 10 step Korean beauty skincare system. 

·       I usually just google and see what results I get. 

Thank you for joining us for #fblchat and don’t forget the next chat will be on Tuesday at 8pm!