FBLChat: Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day. The two words are more loaded with expectation than the actual day itself. Whether you love Valentine’s Day or hate it, on the blogging calendar it means to break out the red roses, the little red dress and get the red lipstick on for all the romantic posts. This week’s FBLchat looked at Valentine’s Day and whether it is important to have Valentine’s Day content on our blogs.

Q1) Let's start by talking about all our plans for #ValentinesDay what will you be doing? #fblchat

·       I'll be sharing the galentine's love #fblchat

·       I have no plans as of yet lol, but conveniently Vals day is a day after Pancake day... so I'll be eating good!

·       I'm full of them. Hey being single can be amazing if you know how to make every couple moment, a self love moment. #fblchat

·       Hubs & I are going Berlin for a few days. Can't wait! We've got the travelling bug so any excuse to go away, we are goneeeee! #fblchat

·       Me and the Boyf are away in Cornwall for the week so on Valentine's Day we are going go karting! And then spending th evening in the hot tub #fblchat

·       I’m not sure yet as we are not 100% whether my boyfriend has a day off, but if he does we will probably go for a nice meal and go to the cinema or an arcade! #fblchat

·       We haven't got any plans as of yet. We normally have quite a casual evening though... PJs and takeaway for us probably #fblchat

·       A1. No plans maybe do a IG and Facebook LIVE on my accounts for some makeup looks for the ladies who have dates and then be all over my timelines like:-) #fblchat

Q2) Do you think it is important to have Valentine's content on your blog? #fblchat

·       I don’t think it is necessary HOWEVER I do feel like a lot of non-bloggers would be attracted to these sort of posts because they want advice on what to buy their partners, date ideas or what to wear/make up looks. So I think the traffic would be increased #fblchat

·       One of my friends really wants me to do a Valentine’s gift guide but I just don’t enjoy writing them! I know it’d probably be popular but I just refuse to write content I’m not 100% into #fblchat

·       You could find a template that you like about this holiday, insert your responses and add a few photos. DONE. I'm all about making it easy for my visitors. #fblchat

·       I think they can be fun but I always feel hypocritical when I try to make them. If I ever write a gift guide you can bet it will be preceded by a couple paragraphs about how you should get to KNOW people and gift based on WHO they are, not whatever demo they belong to. #fblchat

·       Not necessarily I enjoy seeing Valentine's or seasonal related content, but I think its very easy to get repetative. I don't think I'll be having any Valentine related content on my blog this year Maybe my insta, but that's all #fblchat

·       I personally love reading Valentines posts so for me it's important to do it on my own blog. And I think a lot of others would enjoy it #fblchat

Q3) What kind of Valentine's content do you like to read? #fblchat 

·       I like having a nosey at the new @LushLtd Valentine ranges. I like reading different date night ideas and outfits too #fblchat

·       I love gift guides, I find it so hard to find nice presents so any inspo is great #fblchat

·       Yes I love gift guides they can inspire me so much.. but I hate when everything has been gifted to the blogger x

·       Me too! Or if they only feature high end stuff that no one can afford x

·       I like more lifestyle pieces, I read a lovely post from @NatalieLeanneYT today which even included suggestions on how to spend the day so everyone should definitely check it out #fblchat

·       A3: I’m pretty open to anything really! Lifestyle posts about what people did for Valentine’s Day are always nice to read! #fblchat

·       I enjoy gift guides, but recently I’ve gone off them because they all seem to be off budget and repetitive! So this year I’ll be mostly looking out for make up looks and Valentine’s Day outfits?? I will probably read anti Valentine’s Day posts too #fblchat

·       A3. Omg! I used to read everything from the corny poems (and I wrote poems too), to watching @YouTube makeup videos and I also like to watch Bridget Jones Diary movies on Valentines Day and Sweetest Day! #fblchat

Q4) What is the most unique Valentines content you have ever read on a blog? #fblchat

·       I haven’t really seen many unique posts to be honest! It would be nice to see someone come up with a new post idea though! #fblchat

·       That would be good! The same kind of posts repeat don’t they? Outfit ideas, make up looks etc, they can be great but reading something fresh and new is so inspiring #fblchat

·       I’ve got this: http://www.totallycamille.com/valentines-day-gift-ideas-for-him/ … and I’m posting a valentine’s day hair, makeup and outfit post on Sunday!

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