#FBLCHAT: Let’s go to the movies

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Hollywood has never been more in the spotlight than it is now.  With the Oscars and the Academy Awards becoming a stage for women in Hollywood taking a stand for women everywhere and empowering them to speak their truth, films are becoming real political platforms and stages. This week’s FBLChat was all about the movies and what they mean to each of us.

Q1: What was the last movie you saw and what did you think of it?

·       Dirty Dancing when it was on tv last night. It's one of my classic favourite movies to watch whenever its on #fblchat

·       The last movie I seen was I, Tonya and I really enjoyed it. I was looking forward to it coming out so thankfully I wasn't disappointed #fblchat

·       The Greatest Showman. 😍 It was incredible! The story, the visuals, the soundtrack - everything! Loved it! 💜 #fblchat

·       If we´re talking cinema it was Wonder and it was so beautiful. On Netflix I watched The Wedding Date for the 100th time a few nights ago 😍 #fblchat

·       The last movie I saw was Black Panther, and it was AMAZING. It definitely lived up to the hype. #fblchat

·       The last movie I watched was The Holiday, I love that film! #fblchat

·       I watched The Personal Shopper last week and it was a very bizarre experience and I didn't enjoy it very much 😅 #FBLchat 

Q2: Which actor/actress is your favourite in Hollywood at the moment and why? 

·       Zac Efron. Because it's Zac Efron. #fblchat

·       That's a hard one. I love so many actors & actresses & honestly cannot name a favourite right now 🙈 #fblchat

·       J-Law, all the way 🤗 because she's the greatest 

·       Hi Peeps! A little late to the party! :P I dont know if I currently have a favorite but Ryan Gosling is always at the top. Cause its Ryan Gosling :P #fblchat

·       Leonardo Dicaprio is my absolute fave! He's just amazing in everything! 😍 Actress wise it's got to be Emma Stone. She can act, sing & dance - what's not to like! #fblchat

·       Right now I’m really digging Saoirse Ronan. I’ve always thought she has such a great personality, and I watched Lady Bird recently and it changed my life. #fblchat

Q3: What did you think of this year's Oscars? Did the right people get their awards? 

·       Honestly, they kind of went over my head. I googled the winners & was kind of angry at myself for not seeing Coco & that was basically it 😅 #fblchat

·       I’m just happy Dunkirk received multiple awards 😌 #fblchat

·       I feel terrible for saying this, but I actually didnt watch it! 😱🙈

·       I didn't watch it, I never do. I googled the winners and that was about it, really #fblchat

·       Would have liked The Greatest Showman to win Best Original Song but it was a tough category. The Shape of Water & Coco fully deserved their awards both movies were brilliant! 👏🏽 #fblchat

·       I watched the fashion but didn't pay attention to much else.

·       I feel like award ceremonies have become more political and the politics kind of over shadows the actual event. It's good to use a high profiled event to stand up, or show support, but still.. #fblchat

·       Personally, I don't really. But I know people who still have watch parties, etc. So I guess the general public still cares #fblchat

Q4: How do you feel about the #Metoo movement in Hollywood? 

·       It's inspiring to see so many women coming forward, but it's sad that it has occurred in the first place #fblchat

·       I feel the same! It´s a good movement but it´s terrible to see how women were treated badly! #fblchat

·       It's good to see high profile events raise awareness & speak up about important issues however it also feels kind of fake in a way because some celebs are just hypocrites. #fblchat

·       It's disgusting, but it really does show that it happens everywhere. I think it's going to take a lot for it to stop, too #fblchat

·       From the bottom of my heart I support the #Metoo movement. I have friends who have personally suffered from such horrible things. On the other hand however, I ask people not to make it a ‘trend’ or a ‘fad,’ and therefore cause it to lose its true significance. #fblchat

·       yes, I'm also afraid it´s only going to be a trend. Even the discussion around certain people not wearing black dresses at events, etc. could be harmful to the movement itself! #fblchat

·       It is SO important. It gets victims talking and lets you know you’re not alone. It highlights abuse that’s been scarring you that you didn’t even REALISE was abuse #fblchat

·       I'm happy that the #MeToo movement as given so many the courage to speak out, but it seems to have developed the negative quality of shutting people out/up who have nuanced perspectives. At least, that's what I've experienced. #fblchat

Q5: What do you hope for the future of Hollywood? 

·       I really want to see equality in both genders, sexuality, etc. There's too much discrimination in this world and we can't move forward if Hollywood doesn't #fblchat

·       For people from ethic backgrounds to be recognised & celebrated for their talents. Both on & off screen. Actors, directors, scriptwriters etc. #fblchat

·       Not even just for Hollywood, just for society in general, but that we all learn to respect each other as people. Each of us are special and unique individuals on this earth, and we deserve to exist in a world where we can thrive, and most importantly be ourselves. #fblchat

·       A5. I hope it'll all become more about equality & that we´ll return to more original films instead of sequels & prequels! ✨ #fblchat

Thank you to everyone for joining FBLChat, don’t forget we are over on the hashtag every Tuesday at 8pm.