#FBLCHAT : Competition in the Blogosphere

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 Blogging has become a complicated business. As new bloggers join the blogosphere, there is increased competition with more individuals comparing themselves to the people who have gone before them. This week’s FBLChat looks at competition in the blogosphere and whether it really exists.

Q1: Do you think there is a lot of competition between bloggers? #fblchat        

·       I think there can be, but I don't really see it, I just wanna support people, do my thing and enjoy it as much as possible!

·       I wouldn't say so, there's plenty of opportunity for everyone to carve out their own angle and tell their own story. #fblchat

·       I think there definitely is but I think sometimes it can be down to the 'pressure' that blogging can come with! Either way I try to just focus on what I'm doing though! #fblchat

·       I think there is! No everyone is involved etc but there definitely is competition present. #fblchat

·       Not in the slightest. I mean, I figure many people have a number of slots and some don't make it but for the most part there's a lot of wiggle room in budgets, in feedlies, in brains. #fblchat

·       being an older male person and foodie so I don’t feel that there’s lots of competition #fblchat

·       Definitely, I don't see it from my own view, but I know it happens!🎇 #fblchat

·       that's my approach to basically everything in life. It it doesn't take away from my own success why shouldn't I support everyone as much as I can?! #fblchat

·       I'd talk about actual competition between actual bloggers but that's just so profoundly ridiculous (not impostor syndrome or jealousy; those are legit feelings, don't let anyone tell you otherwise -- just this misconception that we're tearing other people down) I can't. #fblchat

·       Exactly, we are all trying to enjoy and achieve something by blogging, I love seeing others do something amazing, it proves hard work pays off!🎇 #fblchat

·       It can be if you are comparing yourself to others but we must all find our own path. That is the main reason I started the group @NewbiesWhoBlog to support and help the growth of NEW bloggers:-) #fblchat

·       I personally don't see a lot on my feed or anything but every industry out there involves competition/competitors #fblchat

·       that's so true! Also luckily there are no limited spaces on the internet. Everyone can be here & be successful at the same time! #fblchat

·       That's so true! I think a lot of the competition comes from our own mindsets & from outer sources (brands, awards, etc.) making us think that one can be the best/most successful blogger! #fblchat

·       Let's All Share and Support Each Other! (I'm going to be very much a cheerleader right now.) We all have our writing or blogging style so we should encourage those we adore and are inspired by. #fblchat

Q2: Is competition healthy between bloggers if they are producing similar content? #fblchat

·       I wouldn't call it 'healthy' but if you are a blogger that gets involved in competition whether it's intentional or accidentally then it is to be expected and don't worry too much, move on past it #fblchat

·        Not at all. Similar content doesn't mean they have to necessarily compete. They can still be super different in their style of writing! #fblchat

·       How can you compete if you all are 2 different people with 2 different personalities? We can compete for followers but yeah that's about it. Similar content but different writing styles. I feel no competition except with my other social media help blog. #fblchat

·       Competition is to give the audience choice. There is an evident monopoly ATM so would be good to give smaller blogs a chance #fblchat

·       no blogger will be the same so there should be no need for competition. In fact if there is someone similar to yourself then you should actually help each other #fblchat

Follow up to Q2: Do you ever find yourself comparing your content to other bloggers? #fblchat          

·       Yes but then I remember that that's not healthy and we should continue to celebrate our differences! #fblchat

·       To their content?... No but to their design style... DEFINITELY! I got inspired to change my layout thanks to a successful blogger I am friends with. She helped me change the way my pages were laid out and labeled because it wasn't ATTRACTING only DISTRACTING. #fblchat

·       I don't compare my writing content to others but I do compare my photography as its something I struggle with. It's not a huge interest of mine which may be the reason behind it! #fblchat

Q3: What can bloggers do to make sure their blogs stand out? #fblchat

 ·       Be yourself with everything in your blog! That's what differentiates us all after all! #fblchat

·       Ummm keep blogging, don't give up, join and interact in social media groups. Introduce your latest blog post, link it then post and interact more with groups. Never LINK & LEAVE! 57% of my traffic from Facebook groups howiknowsocialmedia.blogspot.com/2018/02/the-re… #fblchat

·        Just stay consistent and don’t give up! It’s hard! But anything you do in life takes great will power! #fblchat

·       I believe branding and presentation is extremely important, we live in a very visual world & the way you showcase and display your work is vital. #fblchat

·       Be yourself & keep blogging. Your blog will stand out because you're an incredible person!🎇 #fblchat

·       Make all of your content genuine and from the heart wherever possible. Honest posts always capture my attention no matter the topic. #fblchat

·       Also produce content people NEED. Beneficial content can get you a long way...#fblchat

·       As soon you’re comfortable with your content (on all platforms) it shines through. I find it hard to relate to bloggers who aren’t being genuine or who are copying others because they see what they do working. #fblchat

·       Write content that isn’t hauls or product reviews. Express an opinion other people haven’t. #fblchat

Q4: Do you think there will ever be a time where there are too many bloggers? #fblchat

·       Nope. The internet is endless so there´ll always be a space for us all! 💗 #fblchat

·       Maybe? I mean I think there is room for people who have a voice and want to just share their thoughts and feelings! Blogging doesn't have to be about products, I blog to express my feelings & enjoy writing reviews too!🎇 #fblchat

·       Potentially - there’s already only so many reviews of the same product that the internet can handle 🤷🏻‍♀️ but this is just motivation to hustle harder to stay “relevant” #fblchat

·       The reality is there is space for everyone, but the impact will be different. There will always be levels to this shit, just like everything else in life.#fblchat

·       I feel some niches are oversaturated and the content can get a bit samey- but I don’t think there’s such a thing as “too many” bloggers- more people writing means more people reading.

·       As long as technology keeps increasing there will be less bloggers who write and those who will be Instabloggers. We are visual people whose attention span is now 8-10 seconds so if anything we will have to find ways to keep the classic form of blogging alive. #fblchat

·       No? I mean, we're missing a crapton of voices here. A lot of bloggers are boring to read but that doesn't mean they don't have a right to their space. #fblchat

Q5: What do you think is the future for blogs? #fblchat

·       Hopefully bigger and better things! I'm seeing so many bloggers literally achieving so much, I cannot wait to see more people succeed! It shows the power of blogging & our community!🎇 #fblchat

·        honestly don't know. It will depend on so many things and we´ll just kinda have to go with the flow.  But I do hope that blogs will still exist for a long time as I love blogging! #fblchat

·       I have no idea. I think that's part of the attraction. Many jobs have a clear job description and a path of potential promotions you can strive for whereas with blogging the opportunities are endless and what's involved changes along with technology advancements! #fblchat

·       t's like Space. Unknown, the last and final frontier. Let's just try to keep writing people so we don't become lost in photos! Literary work is so hard to come about these days. #fblchat

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