Lifestyle goals for 2017

Lifestyle Goals for 2017

It's 2017!!! The Lifestyle Editor (aka me) welcomes you into the New Year with a load of kisses and glass clinks. I know you have probably thought about your own wishes and goals for the next 12 months so I think it's only fair that I share my own with you.

You know it's been ten years since the likes of Hot Fuzz and Enchanted hit our screens? A decade can fly by so fast that you blink and we are adding another digit to the clocks and buying new diaries. So I am of the opinion that we should not waste one iota of it, and here is what I hope to achieve by this time next year:

1. Adjust to married life in a new home
I plan on having a fabulous time adjusting to married life with Paul in our new home. We have moved out of London (although I will still be in the city twice a week) and are going to be spending January going over all the details to create a new space together. We are moving our possessions in and ordering washing machines online, laborious but exciting all the same!

2. 10K followers collectively
I wish for 2017 to bring a goal that's not too advantageous when it comes to my social media and I think that a collective 10K following is attainable. I think that I am somewhere along the lines of 5.5K as of the start of the year, so only another 5K to go!

3. YouTube once a week
I think this one is going to be the hardest of my goals for 2017. I have been waiting and putting off my YouTube channel until we moved so that I could have a proper setup for my channel. I have been testing the waters on YouTube over the past year and it's something I love doing and making. So this is something that won't be effective immediately, but I have every faith that come next month I shall be rocking and the camera will be rolling!


4. Freelance writing gig
I've been loving writing for my blog consistently over the past few years now, and it's about time I stepped up my game. Although I am a lifestyle blogger, I feel that I want to explore more topics that I don't necessarily want to put out there onto my blog. I would love to work on getting a few freelance writing jobs and write something for a magazine or for another website. I think that this year I need to push my skills and go beyond what comes easy to me if that makes sense.

5. Baby
So this is the big one. This is something which I know can't be written or evidently planned per se. If it happens, it happens- I just hope that this is the year it finally does! Cross all your fingers for me for each of my five goals for 2017, especially that last one!